WA shark attack survivor thanks rescuers after surgery

A young surfer who survived a shark attack in Western Australia has thanked the people who came to his rescue.

Phil Mummert was all smiles, just hours after almost being killed by a four metre great white shark.

The 28-year-old was saved by another surfer who pulled him onto his board and paddled him to shore at Bunker Bay.

WA shark attack survivor Phil Mummert

Mr Mummert needed emergency surgery to stitch up deep wounds to his leg and arm.

A slice of his board showed massive bite marks.

Ironically, one of the bites was just millimetres from a tattoo of a shark's jaw on Phil's arm.

His girlfriend gave friends and family an update in a post on social media.

"Phil's surgery went really well and he's now recovering," she wrote.

"A massive thank you to everyone who has helped out during all this chaos"

WA shark attack survivor Phil Mummert

She said she was on the beach with their puppy as the nightmare unfolded.

Fellow surfer Alex Oliver was one of the people who risked their life to help rescue Mr Mummert. He pulled the injured geologist onto his own board.

"I just kind of went straight to him and everyone's kind of gone that way," Mr Oliver told 9News.

"By the time I got there he was just holding the nose of his board, just kind of jabbing the shark you know."

WA shark attack Phil Mummert

They paddled back to shore, where beachgoers helped stem the bleeding from the bite until the rescue chopper arrived.

Despite the trauma his saviours say Mr Mummert completely calm throughout the entire ordeal.

"Cool as a cucumber, didn't shout, didn't scream, didn't cry just chilled," Mr Oliver said.

"Must have been in shock, I don't know - must have been a tough nut."

WA shark attack Phil Mummert

Source: 9News

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