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I want to make some home improvements – where should I start?

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If you’ve been wanting to make some improvements in your home, we’ve got some
incredibly exciting ideas for you to try! It can seem like a massive task to take on for a lot of
people, and sometimes we just don’t really know where to start, so we’ve put this handy
article together that outlines some of our personal favourite improvement trends that
we’ve seen throughout 2021 We hope that these inspire you and get your home
improvements started!

Opt for an open plan

The open plan style has become a common but very effective trend, popular in both
apartments as well as larger houses. The open-plan layout gives you much more space than
the inclusion of walls does to break up your rooms and also allows for a huge amount of
flexibility when it comes to deciding on your furniture placement.
Most open-plan layouts are a merge of lounges and kitchens, but we’ve also seen some very
impressive kitchen and dining rooms together that are perfect for those who love to host
guests. While it might not be a valid option in every home, especially if there are any
supporting walls in the way of where you want to merge rooms, in new build properties, it’s
being discussed from the first development stages to include an open-plan, resulting in
homes being built this way to offer the maximum amount of space they can.

Garden improvements

Outdoor space has become an even more valuable feature in the last year or so, and from
this, we’ve seen a wild increase in garden trends. For some homeowners, it means taking
better care of a garden that they didn’t really have the time or motivation to maintain
before now, and for others, it’s making the most of the space that wasn’t fully appreciated
before now.

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A lot of homeowners are spending some time updating their gardens and developing lovely
patio areas so they can sit outside, enjoying the upcoming summer months and the warm
weather. Another added bonus for homeowners thinking about this is that spending time
renovating your garden and making it more welcoming will raise your house value, which is
perfect if you want to make improvements after asking the question, “how can I sell my house fast

Office space

A lot of people weren’t particularly concerned about setting up sustainable workspaces at
home at the beginning of the pandemic, as few people really foresaw it being such a long-
term change. Now, more than a year later, huge amounts of people are struggling to work
from home every day without a proper office setup but are still going to be working
remotely for the coming months.


Whether you’re able to decorate a full room or just dedicate a certain space for your work,
you’ll see a huge change in your productivity levels and motivation very quickly. You can
also add your own personal touches into your home office space, making anyone who sees
it in your video call meetings very jealous!


This trend will forever prove to be a popular option. It’s perfect for tidying away those
things that you no longer need or want and a perfect reason to start afresh. Minimalism is
the ideal trend for anyone who doesn’t like their homes getting overrun with clutter, as it
means the majority of your things are out of plain sight and put away tidily. Think big, clean
surfaces, plenty of open space, and seeing only the things that you need on display!
This trend can be a bit of a tricky one to balance well, as it can end up leaving the place
looking empty if you go overboard, but there are some ways that you can make this work
more easily. The rule of three ideas is a good solution for this – any shelving, surfaces of
tables, or other flat surfaces should have a maximum of three things on them, helping to
provide that desirable minimal effect without your home looking bare.

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In 2020, patterns were slowly creeping back in, but 2021 is throwing itself full force into
some gorgeous bold, bright designs. The geometric style is a very popular pattern, but
there’s plenty of room for all sorts of styles this year; tartan, spots and stripes, tie-dye- you
name it! This style is popular with those looking to redecorate their home on a lower budget
– you can bring these patterns in with new cushion covers, a rug, blankets, a new throw, or
even decorative canvases on the wall; there are so many options available, you can go in
any direction that you like.

The general rule of thumb with this is that you should stick to one pattern, as it can be
overwhelming if you throw too many patterns together; however, if you have a vision, you
can actually make it work. Organised chaos is the key here– pair your pattern with a strong
base colour, and in no time at all, you’ll see a stunning combination to brighten your home.
There are all sorts of fun trends that you can try when you redecorate your home this year.
No matter your style and tastes, you can find something that works for you!

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