US boy’s tragic drowning death linked to COVID-19

New information has been released on the death of a seven-year-old US boy who had COVID-19.

The boy, from Georgia, drowned in a bathtub after having a seizure due to a high fever, Chatham County Coroner Bill Wessinger told CNN.

The child did not have any known underlying health conditions.

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After being found unresponsive and pronounced dead at the hospital, the child tested positive for COVID-19 postmortem, Mr Wessinger said.

The preliminary report says the child died from drowning, secondary to seizure due to fever from COVID-19. The final report is still pending toxicology tests, he said.

Though the death was reported Thursday, Mr Wessinger said the child died about two weeks before his death was reported by the health department.

 In this June 9, 2020, file photo, Steven Posey checks his phone as he waits in line to vote at Central Park in Atlanta.

Seizures due to high fevers are very common in children who have the coronavirus, Mr Wessinger said.

The boy, who is African American, is the youngest person with the disease to die in the state.

Mr Wessinger said the state is still investigating reports that the child attended the same church where two elderly members also tested positive and died from the virus.

As of 9 pm Monday, there are 219,025 cases in Georgia and 4,229 deaths, according to CNN's interactive map tracking coronavirus cases in the US..

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Source: 9News

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