Rock royalty makes furry friends with RSPCA visit

The staff and patients at RSPCA's animal hospital in Brisbane were left stunned after receiving a surprise visit from true rock royalty.

Following a concert at Suncorp Stadium last night, guitar legend, astrophysicist and founding member of Queen, Brian May, paid a call on fans great and small.

"I was absolutely stoked," staff member Alison Hair said.

"He's such a nice guy, so natural and down to earth."

The Queen guitarist is a long-time advocate for animal welfare.

"This is your children's future, and these animals are worth looking after, like we are," he said.

The PhD holder also offered his view of how we might look to extra-terrestrial visitors.

"I think if an alien came down tomorrow and looked around, and looked at all the species, they wouldn't conclude that we're the most important species," he said.

Queen - with singer Adam Lambert standing in the boots of the legendary Freddie Mercury - will next head to Melbourne.

Source: 9News

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