Qatar leak: Kuwaiti ex-MPs, Libya’s Gaddafi plot to undermine Saudi Arabia

A new leaked audio recording captures two Kuwaiti former MPs and former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi discussing the fall of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family and praising Saudi opposition critic Sa'ad al-Faqih.

The audio, leaked by Qatari opposition activist Khalid al-Hail, reportedly captures former Kuwaiti MP Mubarak al-Duwailah, who has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, and another former Kuwaiti MP Fayez Hamed al-Baghili al-Rashidi, discussing the fall of Saudi Arabia with the Libyan dictator.

“The reform movement lead by Sa'ad al-Faqih has caused a big earthquake in Saudi [Arabia],” Gaddafi is heard saying.

Al-Faqih is a London-based Saudi Arabian dissident who the US Treasury accused of having links to al-Qaeda in 2004. He has repeatedly criticized Saudi Arabia and called for the fall of the ruling Al Saud family.

“He started many visual channels that curse Al Saud and their regime and incites people on rebellion and disobedience. I have seen people from Riyadh and we did not dream that one day we will do a protest in Riyadh. It was impossible, they said no, it’s easy for us to protest and they cannot quell us. Now the world is open and everything is under the microscope, they arrest one and hell will break loose, the human rights organizations and others. The Al Saud family has surrendered to everything, it just wants to remain in power as long as possible,” says Gaddafi.

Kuwait’s al-Duwailah is heard agreeing on the status of Saudi Arabian rule.

“We hear from the guys there that their situation is not good, even amongst themselves they have many issues,” he says.

This week, Kuwait’s government rejected al-Duwailah’s claims that he had notified the government that he was speaking with Gaddafi, a foreign leader. Al-Duwailah has not denied the veracity of the recordings.

The other Kuwaiti, al-Baghili, is then heard praising Gaddafi, describing him as “brother leader” and praising his apparent peacekeeping efforts in Sudan.

The recording is the latest conversation involving Gaddafi and politicians with links to the Muslim Brotherhood to be leaked by opposition activist al-Hail.

The recordings include conversations between Qatar’s former Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, former Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, and Gaddafi, in which they discuss Al Jazeera coverage and plot to undermine neighboring governments.

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