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Man’s body and his upturned boat found washed up on NSW beach

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Officers believe the man, 76, set out on his boat from Ulladulla Harbour about 5.30am yesterday. An hour later the man’s boat was found upside down on the beach.

Virgin Australia placed in indefinite trading halt by ASX

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Trades of Virgin Australia stock have been halted indefinitely, after the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) made the rare decision to suspend it from quotation.

Victoria stands by remote learning despite PM’s conflicting message

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Victoria has stood by its remote learning education model despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s calls for parents to send their children to school.

Bushfire inquiry to focus on ‘lessons for the future’, not finger pointing

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Mark Binskin says the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements will deliver practical recommendations ahead of the next bushfire season.

Turnbull claims ‘daggy dad’ Morrison didn’t deserve to win election

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Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull does not believe the Scott Morrison-led coalition deserved to win the 2019 election.

Sewage test could reveal Australian virus hotspots

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And number of infected people

Useful Info for Artists

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Hello friends and supporters of Contemporary Art Tasmania, How are you going in this strange time? The CAT team are working from their respective homes, and the gallery remains closed for now. In an attempt to cut through the digital noise we’ve compiled a list of resources, recommendations and things of interest. Sector Advocacy Where […]

McDonald’s Apologises For China Restaurant’s Sign Banning Black People

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McDonald’s has apologised after video shared online showed signage at a restaurant in China that said Black people were barred from entering.

“We’ve been informed that from now on black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant,” the laminated sign said, as seen in footage circulated on social media. 

In a statement provided to HuffPost, a spokesperson for McDonald’s Corp. said the sign was “not representative of our inclusive values.”


“Immediately upon learning of an unauthorised communication to our guests at a restaurant in Guangzhou, we immediately removed the communication and temporarily closed the restaurant,” the statement said.

McDonald’s said the closure would be used to “further educate managers and employees on our values, which includes serving all members of the communities in which we operate.”

Again, for those who still doubt that Black people and particularly #AfricansinChina are being targeted we feel it is our duty to share this. A sign at a @McDonalds restaurant seems to make this perfectly clear

— Black Livity China (@BlackLivityCN) April 11, 2020

Guangzhou, an industrial city in China’s southern Guangdong province, is host to China’s biggest African community and serves as a hub for African traders and businesspeople. For weeks, tensions between Africans and locals in the city have been escalating.

Hundreds of Africans in the city have been evicted from their homes or hotels and turned away from accommodations, local African residents told BBC and CNN. China’s warnings about imported coronavirus cases stoking the country’s possible second wave of infections has inflamed anti-foreigner sentiments in the city. Many African community members said they were discriminated against despite having no recent travel history or contact with known coronavirus cases.

In the wake of the McDonald’s incident and the notable spike in xenophobia in the city highlighted by ambassadors from African nations, Chinese officials said they will adjust coronavirus restrictions against African nationals in Guangdong in an effort to reduce discrimination and ease diplomatic tensions, according to the South China Morning Post.

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Call for Focus on Youth Homelessness

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Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT) are calling for strong measures to tackle youth homelessness to be part of the fight against coronavirus. It is near impossible for young people experiencing homelessness to comply with strict but necessary public health measures to contain the spread of COVID-19,” said YNOT CEO Tania Hunt. “You can’t stay at […]

Aussies breaking social distancing laws amid confusion around restrictions

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Australians are finding ways to work around the lockdown system, using any excuse to get out of the house.

John Oliver Explains Why He Featured Joe Exotic Long Before ‘Tiger King’

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John Oliver was an early adopter of Joe Exotic.

The “Last Week Tonight” host told Seth Meyers that he saw compelling qualities in the “Tiger King” star for a segment in 2016 ― long before the controversial tiger keeper found fame in the Netflix documentary series. (Watch the clip above.)

In his bit about fringe hopefuls in the 2016 presidential election, Oliver recalled striking gold with Exotic and his campaign commercial.

“We were looking for kind of the craziest third-party candidate, found his ad, and it was like the lowest hanging, juiciest fruit,” Oliver said Monday on “Late Night.” “Almost you think, ‘Could this — could this be real? Mmm, so sweet. So juicy.’”


However, Oliver said his researcher warned him that the zoo seemed “dangerous” and Exotic “started ranting about a woman named Carole.” 

That Carole was Carole Baskin, one of the central players in the real-life drama. Exotic is serving a 22-year prison sentence after trying to hire someone to kill Baskin, a wildlife sanctuary owner who criticized his animal-keeping.

“Tiger King” has become a hit for Americans who are sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic. In Monday’s interview with Meyers, Oliver said Exotic is “not the hero America needs, but the hero it deserves right now.” Back in 2016, he called him “truly the candidate you want to sit down and have a beer with.”

Watch the 2016 report below:

‘You Clap For Me Now’: The Story Behind The Powerful Poem Read By Key Workers

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See the latest stories on the coronavirus outbreak.  

NHS workers, delivery drivers and teachers in the UK have united to recite a powerful poem, You Clap For Me Now, in a viral film which has already been viewed tens of thousands of times.

The poem takes all of the hateful rhetoric which has been directed at immigrants over the years and directs it at coronavirus instead.

It serves to remind the public that many key workers are from black and minority ethnic families – who shouldn’t be forgotten once the worst of the pandemic has passed.

Darren Smith, an illustrator and content director at The Bridge Studio, wrote the poem and his colleague, creative director Sachini Imbuldeniya, then suggested they make it into a film.

The idea for the poem came about when Smith interviewed Imbuldeniya’s mum for an article about the Windrush scandal. She had come to the UK from Sri Lanka to work as a nurse in the NHS – which she did for over 40 years.

Darren Smith and Sachini Imbuldeniya.

‘You Clap For Me Now’ is a reference to the public applause for key workers which takes place every Thursday at 8pm. When the nation stood at windows and doorways to applaud key workers for a second week in a row, Smith realised that something had shifted.

“Once again we were rethinking what makes an ‘essential key worker’, and cheering on those first- second- and third-generation immigrants that we now depended on once more,” he says.

“This seemed to be one of the few glimmers of light during an otherwise stressful and difficult time, so I wanted to celebrate that shift. But at the same time, to remind people not to let us go back to the old ways of division and hatred once we emerge from lockdown.”


More than 50 people wanted to take part in the making of their video, including shop keepers, doctors, delivery drivers, nurses, teachers and social workers. 

“Everyone involved in the film donated their time and passion and energies for free, and to see how it struc

k a chord with them – to see how important they felt the message was – was really powerful,” says Smith.

The logistics were tricky – they were making a short film during lockdown, after all. Each contributor was asked to film themselves saying a line each and the footage was then sent to editor Ruben Alvarado to stitch it all together.

“While doing this you kind of focus on the bits of the film rather than watch it all in one go, so it wasn’t until it was live and trending that I really got to listen properly to it as if from another person’s perspective,” he says.

“I think the end result hits the right note of celebration and reminder.”

You Clap For Me Now

So, it’s finally happened,
That thing you were afraid of,
Something’s come from overseas,
And taken your jobs,
Made it unsafe to walk the streets,
Kept you trapped in your home.

A dirty disease, 
Your proud nation, gone. 
But not me. Or me. 
Or me. Or me.

No, you clap for me now.

You cheer as I toil,
Bringing food to your family,
Bringing food from your soil.

Propping up your hospitals,
Not some foreign invader.
Delivery driver. Teacher. Life saver.

Don’t say ‘go home’,
Don’t say ‘not here’,
You know how it feels for home to be a prison,
You know how it feels to live in fear.

So you clap for me now.

All this love you are bringing,
But don’t forget when it’s no longer quiet,
Don’t forget when you can no longer hear the birds singing,
Or see clear waters, that I crossed for you,
To make lives filled with peace,
And bring peace to your life too.

Come all you Gretas,
You Malalas,
You immigrants,
See what we have learned.

It only takes the smallest thing, 
To change the world. 

Imbuldeniya says she’s “overwhelmed” by the positive response to the poem and video – and by how far and wide it has spread. 

She tells HuffPost UK: “My mum’s always been an inspiration to me – having come here from Sri Lanka to work for the NHS – and I think this is just a small part of thanking those people just like her who travel to our country to provide essential services, and to everyone else who is working so hard during this really difficult time.”

At the time of writing, the video had been shared online by thousands of people including J K Rowling, Gary Lineker and Caitlin Moran. 

“Really it’s a celebration of those key workers putting their lives on the line to help friends, family, neighbours and communities all over the UK,” Smith says.

“If we can make sure that we all remember that feeling of inclusiveness, tolerance and goodwill once we escape the clutches of coronavirus, then the film will have done its job.”

Will he be out clapping this Thursday, then? “Yes, my ex-wife is a nurse with the NHS, so I’ll be on the doorstep with my kids clapping for her and all of her colleagues – no matter the country they were born in or the colour of their skin.”

You Clap For Me Now

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