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Listen To This: That Look In Your Eyes!

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Johnny Stimson is giving us bedroom pop – with some emo! Hard To Say Goodbye is sensitive guy and smoothness! If you like Lauv, you will really dig this! Check it out above! Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Johnny Stimson! […]

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As Merkel leaves power, here’s where Germany’s leading parties stand on Jewish issues

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(JTA) — Germany’s pivotal national election takes place on Sunday, and one thing is sure: After 16 years in office, Chancellor Angela Merkel will not be at the helm any more. Who comes next? Pundits predict a new three-way coalition of center-left and moderate parties — most likely the Social Democrats, led by current Vice […]

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She,Carri Richardson To ‘Come Out’ As Gay . . . Living Life As A ‘Stud’!!!

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Olympic track star Sha’Carri Richardson is planning a huge media blitz and coming out party, MTO News has learned. And her team is hoping that with her public embrace of her LGBTQ lifestyle, hopefully the media can start looking at her more favorably. According to a person close to Sha’Carri, the …

Gold Coast woman bedridden for weeks after magpie attack

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Debbie Galbraith was on a bike ride when she was swooped and knocked to the ground several weeks ago.

New Feet Cosmetic Armor in Patch 9.1.5

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Blizzard is adding new Feet cosmetic armor to the game in Patch 9.1.5. In this post, we’re looking at the new items in more detail.

Tauren and Trolls will appreciate new boots coming in the latest patch. On the 9.1.5 PTR, they can be purchase…

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Guild Undaunted Complete Ahead of the Curve: Sylvanas Windrunner

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Undaunted, the deaf and hard-of-hearing Warcraft guild, have completed Ahead of the Curve: Sylvanas Windrunner. Congratulations!

Undaunted is at it again! The guild earned AotC Denathrius and cleared 3/10 Mythic Castle Nathria on March 26, 20…

Wack100: New Ray J-Kim Kardashian Sextape Has ‘Disgusting’ S*x Scene!!

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The drama between Kim Kardashian and Los Angeles music executive Wack100 is heating up. MTO News has learned that Wack is claiming to have viewed what he’s calling a “new” s*xtape between Kim Kardashian and Ray J. And according to Wack, the new tape contains a “disgusting” s*x scene. For years, MTO …

Martin Lawrence Gains 50 LBS . . . Fans Say He’s Barely Recognizable & Swollen!!

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Martin Lawrence has reportedly put on about 50 pounds since the 2020 Covid lockdown, and now fans are saying that the actor/comedian is barely recognizable, MTO News has learned. Martin – who is known as the “funniest comedian of the 1990s” – unveiled his massive weight gain yesterday, when he …

Meet IG Star Kash Doll’s Babys Father: Hard Working DETROIT RAPPER Tracy T!!

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 Kash Doll, a popular IG influencer and rapper, announced she’s pregnant via social media on Thursday. Now MTO News has exclusive details on her babys father – Detroit rapper Tracy T. Taking to Instagram on Thursday (September 23), the Detroit rapper posted a series of nude reveal photos. “The …

TRUTH Behind Kelly Price – She’s Never Been ‘MISSING’, Wanted ‘Time Away’!! (Details)

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R&B and Gospel singer Kelly Price is not missing, according to her attorney, who spoke out  late Friday evening. MTO News spoke with a close friend of Kelly, and they told us that the R&B singer wanted some time “away” to recover physically, but that she is “100% fine.” The friend …

Birdman: I Gave Lil Wayne $500M, Drake $500M & Nicki Minaj $400M!!

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Music industry executive Birdman claims that he dished out over a billion dollars to Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj – so that the rappers never have to worry about putting food on the table again, MTO News confirmed.  In Birdman’s latest interview with the Big Facts Podcast, the music …

Men with alleged crime family links charged with assaulting police

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Five men have been charged with assaulting police in Western Sydney after a brawl allegedly broke out over face masks.

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