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Attorney Accuses Erika Jayne Of Inconsistencies While Filming ‘RHOBH’

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne is being accused of making inconsistent statements pertaining to the finances of her and her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi. Attorney Ronald Richards is currently investigating the star on behalf of Tom’s former clients who say he stole their …

Rapper 42 Dugg Apologizes For Offensive Homophobic Rant

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Rapper 42 Dugg apologized for his homophobic rant last week. The rapper went off after people had a lot to say about the way he interacted with his son. “It never be my intentions to offend anybody even when I’m offended so for that I am sorry,” said the rapper.  “Usually I’m a very private …

$10k rebates now available for farmers battling mouse plague

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A $10,000 rebate is available for farmers to bait for mice as spring approaches, along with a feared resurgence of a rodent plague in New South Wales.

Alfonso Ribeiro Accuses Black Community Of Not Supporting His Interracial Marriage!!

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Fresh Prince of Belair actor Alfonso Ribeiro is accusing the Black community of being unsupportive of his interracial marriage. “I am in a mixed relationship. And I get things and looks and comments constantly,” he says. “And I find it very interesting because you see a lot of things on social …

Chinese Pop Star Kris Wu Detained By Police Over Raper Allegations

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Police have detained Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu on suspicion of rape. Beijing cops say the singer allegedly “repeatedly seducing young women into having sex,” according to a statement. Last month, a woman named “Du Meizhu” alleged she was sexually assaulted when she was a student at the …

R. Kelly Doesn’t Want Evidence Of Relations w/ Boy Brought Up In Case Jury Is Homophobic

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Disgraced singer R. Kelly reportedly does not want the recent evidence that he allegedly molested a 17 year-old-boy brought up during his trial in case the jurors are homophobic. The memo filed by attorneys Thomas Farinella and Nicole Becker said they oppose the motion because it’s “unequivocally …

Fetty Wap Posts Tribute To His Late Daughter

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Fetty Wap posted a warm tribute to his daughter on social media. Lauren Maxwell, who Fetty shared with Turquoise Miami, posted a video of Lauren smiling and playing in the pool. “This is my amazing, beautiful, funny, vibrant, loving, talented, smart and hardheaded princess mermaid Aquarius,” she …

‘RHOC’ Alum Kelly Dodd Apologizes For Transphobic Fan Video

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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd has apologized for a transphobic video she made for a fan. Cameo is a platform where fans can pay some of their favorite celebrities to make videos for them, giving them a shoutout. This is Jennifer’ she/her,’ I don’t get this,” Kelly said. …

Fans Speculate Bobby Shmurda Could Be Gay After He Posts New Dance!!

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Some fans are speculating whether Bobby Shmurda could be gay after he posted a new dance video to his social media. In the video, Bobby waves his arm around while moving his hips. The video seems fairly normal — but some fans couldn’t help but throw some shade the rapper’s way. “He been doing …

Change – should we fear it?

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What reaction do you have when you find yourself dealing with change? Of course, it depends on the nature and extent of such change, but I have experienced everything from excitement to dread, from anxiety to hope, from anticipation to fear.

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Pro-Lockdown Rally Held In Sydney

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“A huge success – literally thousands of people didn’t come”

Billie Eilish promotes her new album to Israelis, and draws social media ire

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“[I]t’s occupied land not Israel,” one of many critical social media users wrote.

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