Trump On Biden Veep Pick Kamala Harris: ‘She’s Very, Very Nasty’

President Donald Trump on Tuesday insisted he was surprised that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden chose Sen. Kamala Harris of California as his running mate, in part because she was “very nasty” to Biden as they initially vied in their party’s primary race.

“I was more surprised than anyone else because she did so poorly in the primaries,” Trump said at a White House press briefing shortly after the Biden campaign revealed Harris’ selection.

“Plus, she was very, very nasty … She was probably nastier than even Pocahontas to Joe Biden,” the president added, resurrecting his insulting nickname for Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, another of this cycle’s Democratic White House candidates.

He also said Harris “was very disrespectful” to Biden, adding, “It’s hard to pick somebody that’s that disrespectful.”

Despite Trump’s expression of surprise, political analysts of all stripes ― including those in the president’s camp ― for months had pegged Harris as the odds-on favourite to emerge as Biden’s running mate.

Trump also accused Harris of being “extraordinarily nasty” to Brett Kavanaugh during the 2018 Senate Judiciary hearings on his nomination to the Supreme Court. Harris and other committee Democrats hammered Kavanaugh over accusations that he sexually assaulted an acquaintance, Christine Ford, when they were in high school. Kavanaugh vehemently denied the allegations, and the issue became a cause celebre among some Republican lawmakers.

“I’ve been watching her for a long time. She was extraordinarily nasty to [Kavanaugh],” Trump said of Harris. “She was nasty to a level that was just a horrible thing … the way she treated now-Justice Kavanaugh. I won’t forget that soon.”

Trump often uses the word “nasty” to describe women with whom he disagrees and as a way to demean them. He has used the same insult to attack his 2016 Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

In May 2019, Trump described Harris as “nasty” when asked about how she questioned Attorney General William Barr during a Judiciary Committee hearing.

On Tuesday, Trump also tweeted a short video by his campaign attacking the newly minted Democratic ticket. In line with Trump’s tradition of using derisive ― some have said nasty ― nicknames for his opponents, the video refers to “Slow Joe” and “Phony Kamala.”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 11, 2020

Earlier Tuesday, immediately after Biden announced his running mate, Trump’s campaign had released a statement using the “phony” label for Harris. The campaign highlighted pointed remarks she directed at Biden on racial issues at the first Democratic primary debate in June 2019.

Harris stressed that while she not insinuating that Biden was racist, she expressed concern with his opposition during his early years as a senator in the 1970s to federal initiatives to desegregate public schools by busing students to heavily white school districts. She also criticised him for praising the “civility” of his interactions with segregationist senators when he was a young lawmaker.

“I do not believe you are a racist,” Harris said to Biden. “And I agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground. But it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country.” 

That moment turned out to be the high point of Harris’ presidential bid. After failing to gain traction in polls, she dropped out of the race in December.

Earlier Tuesday, Trump’s campaign incorrectly claimed that Harris called Biden “racist” and accused her of “abandoning her own morals” by becoming Biden’s running mate.

The campaign also attempted to use Harris to show that Biden was not a “moderate” Democratic candidate.

“She is proof that Joe Biden is an empty shell being filled with the extreme agenda of the radicals on the left,” senior Trump campaign adviser Katrina Pierson said in a statement.

Harris said she was honoured to run with Biden, saying in a statement posted on Twitter that he “can unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us.” 

Harris is the first Black woman and first Asian American woman to run as vice president for a major political party.

Twitter Users Hope Kamala Harris VP Pick Means 4 Years Of Maya Rudolph

Senator Kamala Harris got a career boost on Tuesday after presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced her as his running mate.

Turns out the pick may be benefiting comedian Maya Rudolph as well.

Rudolph received accolades and an Emmy nomination for portraying the California senator on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this past season, and her name started trending on social media moments after Harris was revealed to be Biden’s VP pick.

Twitter users overwhelming gave their vote to more Maya.

It’s Maya Rudolph’s TIME TO SHINE

— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) August 11, 2020

Come for the @KamalaHarris road to the Vice Presidency, stay for the Maya Rudolph SNL appearances. Love it. Let’s goooooo!!!

— Rob (@RobCabrera) August 11, 2020

The best part of today is hearing that @KamalaHarris is going to be the next Vice President. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

The second best part of today is knowing that we are going to get to see a lot more of Maya Rudolph!!!!😜🥰

— Meredith Salenger (@MeredthSalenger) August 11, 2020

Having Maya Rudolph play Kamala is a good enough reason to vote for Joe Biden! 😊👍

— Joe Shafer (@shaf54) August 11, 2020

I’m admittedly looking forward to 4 yrs of Maya Rudolph too… and yes, great pick!

— Jonathan Rochelle (@jrochelle) August 11, 2020

Ms Rudolph, your country calls, we require your service.

— Susan “Wear a Mask ya Dingdong” Despres (@sedespres) August 11, 2020

Does Maya Rudolph get Secret Service protection?!

Asking for a grateful nation.

— Jonathan D. Lovitz (@jdlovitz) August 11, 2020

With the announcement of Kamala Harris as the VP candidate, my twitter trends have switched from wanting to tell me about Nickelback to wanting to tell me about Maya Rudolph. Change is already happening and I welcome it.

— Joseph Scrimshaw (@JosephScrimshaw) August 11, 2020

Friendly reminder Maya Rudolph is up for an Emmy* for playing Kamala Harris on #SNL.

*She’s a three-time nominee in 2020, up for Big Mouth and The Good Place too!

— Chris Harnick (@chrisharnick) August 11, 2020

According to, Rudolph’s first reaction to hearing the news was this hot take: “That’s spicy.” She quickly added, “Oh shit. Ruh-roh,” when the news hit her.

Still, she seemed open to the possibility of playing Harris on “SNL” for the next four to eight years if the Democratic ticket wins in November.

“I love going to the show any excuse I can get. … I just didn’t really anticipate traveling during this pandemic, but if there’s anyone who can work it out I’m sure Lorne [Michaels] has some kind of invisible helicopter that can get me there,” Rudolph told

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