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Car ploughs through fence and flips onto busy Bondi footpath

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A car has rolled off the road and ploughed through a fence, landing on its roof near Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.

Another $50m for bushfire help

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced an additional $50 million to help people and businesses devastated by the country’s bushfire crisis.

Meghan Markle Was So Sweet To A Fan In This 2016 Interview

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Meghan Markle onstage at AOL Build on March 17, 2016.

If the UK press is to be believed, Meghan Markle is a ruthless and manipulative republican hell-bent on destroying the Royal Family, unless her fondness for avocado ruins the world first.

We may never know if she truly had the audacity to demand there be an air freshener at her wedding, an unverified demand the Daily Mail branded “dictatorial.” But through a clip that’s making the rounds on Twitter, we do have proof — on video! — of a time she was exceedingly lovely to a fan.

Watch the video in question below. Story continues after the video. 

Before she married Prince Harry, Meghan was an actress living in Toronto and working on the TV show, “Suits.” She volunteered at a charity helping homeless people, adopted a rescue dog, and had already served as a UN Women’s Advocate for Women’s Political Participation and Leadership. 


In March 2016, a little more than two years before she joined the royal family, Meghan appeared on AOL’s Build Series in New York. (Quick disclosure: AOL/Build is owned by Verizon Media, the company that also owns HuffPost Canada.)

When the conversation turned to social media, Markle talked about how she’s used the internet to connect with fans — then goes on to shout out one particular audience member by name, run through a list of her accomplishments, and personally hand her a letter she wrote.

Meghan Markle meets Emily, a fan who she connected with on Twitter, at AOL Build in 2016.

The two hug and then chat briefly, while Emily — who told Meghan via Twitter that she’s headed on an aid mission to Costa Rica — also gives her a letter, which Meghan seems genuinely excited to receive. “It’s so good to finally meet you,” Meghan says.

She goes on to tell the moderator that she feels “a really big responsibility” to use her celebrity status for good. 

“If you have this kind of job, and you have an opportunity to have a profile where people are listening to what you’re saying, I really, truly think you need to be saying something that’s valuable,” she said.

dont forget meghan did this.
this is the kind of person she is

— michelle (@ddarveyy) January 12, 2020

Meghan has clearly had a social conscience for a long time. At age 11, she wrote a letter to Procter & Gamble questioning why their ad for dish soap specifically targeted women. Within a month, they changed the wording of their ad from “women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans” to “people all over America.”

She volunteered at a soup kitchen throughout high school, interned at the American embassy in Argentina, volunteered at a homeless charity during her time in Toronto, and visited Rwanda on a humanitarian trip for World Vision before she entered the royal family. These are all major accomplishments, although they rarely come up in the articles painting her as petty or manipulative.

Of course, actors and other public figures craft their images all the time, and we’re not pretending to know anything about what Meghan Markle is actually like in her private life. But if you’re judging her purely by what she’s done in public, particularly in the face of some blatantly racist media outlets, there’s certainly enough out there to suggest she’s a pretty impressive person.

Chrissy Teigen Shares Pure Gold Photo Of Her High School Cheerleading Days

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Chrissy Teigen knows how to bring it on.The model and cookbook author (and internet clapback queen) threw back to her high school cheerleading days on Tuesday, sharing a snap of her squad ― featuring full cheer uniform, pigtails, pompoms and early-2000…

What happens to one billion animal corpses after bushfires

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The rotting carcasses of one billion animals killed in the bushfires will impact the Australian ecosystem for years, according to US experts.

Gun drawn on Mokbel’s stepdaughter

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The night of a fatal shooting at a boxing match the stepdaughter of drug kingpin Tony Mokbel claims a man pointed a weapon at her.

Wife of Danish submarine killer defends her marriage

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A Russian woman who married the notorious Danish submarine killer Peter Madsen has defended the pair’s relationship on social media.

‘Update now’: Hundreds of millions of PCs at risk from attacks

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Hundreds of millions of PCs are now vulnerable to dangerous malware and attacks after Microsoft removed support for Windows 7 overnight.

Elon Musk nears $500m payday

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Elon Musk is getting close to the first big payday from his massive stock package.

Boy falls eight metres from climbing wall on school holidays

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A nine-year-old boy has plunged eight metres while playing at a climbing wall on school holidays.

Folk Festival Finishes on High Note

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A sad summer of fires on mainland Australia was given a reflective reprieve at last weekend’s sold out Tasmanian Cygnet Folk Festival. The festival’s opening concert on the Sharing of Cultures was an important strong theme to this festival. It reflected the recent heritage of this land along with its most ancient traditions. The focus on first nations […]

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Doctor missing for 30 years spotted ‘toasting marshmallows over a camp fire’

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Dr Peter Coop was 28 and recently married when he went to Dunedin for a month-long course he never made it to. His family believe he’s dead, but police think he wanted to disappear.

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