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RuPaul Preps The Unlikely Future Of Drag — Pete Davidson — On ‘Saturday Night Live’

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View this post on InstagramA post shared by Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) on Feb 8, 2020 at 9:25pm PSTA super-glam RuPaul zeroed in on the “future of drag” in the extremely unlikely person of Pete Davidson’s super-slacker “Chad…

Orangutan tries to save man wading in snake-infested water

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An orangutan saw a man wading in snake-infested water and decided to offer a helping hand.

Man Arrested For Allegedly Posing As Uber, Lyft Driver To Sexually Assault Riders

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Police in Bakersfield, California, arrested a man Friday for allegedly posing as an Uber or Lyft driver to lure and sexually assault women. Authorities said Nassef Ragheb, a 48-year-old Bakersfield resident, preyed on unsuspecting women by misrepr…

‘Weekend Update’ Does Epic Takedown Of Trump Over Impeachment, Attacks

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“Saturday Night Live’s” spoof news show “Weekend Update” often mocks President Donald Trump, but Saturday’s episode could have marked a record number of especially hard-hitting jabs.Hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che s…

Harry And Meghan Are Reportedly Moving To LA, But Will That Solve Their Privacy Problem?

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Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were stepping back as working members of the royal family, people have speculated as to where they would live.While Madonna is busy offering up her NYC home to Meghan and Harry ― and Caitlyn Jenner sa…

British Airways smashes quickest subsonic flight record

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A British Airways (BA) flight has broken the record for the fastest-ever subsonic flight between New York and London, reaching a top speed of more than 1287km/h.

Killer’s mother was called in to stop Thai mall massacre

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Thailand police tried several times to persuade a soldier who had killed 29 people to turn himself in, and even brought the gunman’s mother in to talk to him.

Trump Has Shared The Unflattering Photo Of His Two-Toned Face

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President Donald Trump retweeted an unflattering photo of himself on Saturday, complaining that the post was intended to “demean” him — but insisted his “hair looks good.”

He shared a black and white version of an image which was trending on Twitter under the hashtag “Orange Face.” The original colour photo appears to show a bright orange makeup or tan or spray-tan line around Trump’s face as the wind blows his hair back upon his return to the White House from North Carolina on Friday.

@realDonaldTrump⁩ returns to the White House from Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo by William Moon at the South Lawn of the White House on February 7, 2020

— White House Photos (@photowhitehouse) February 7, 2020

Trump insisted the image had been “photoshopped, obviously” to demean him, and called it “more fake news.” But, he wrote, “the hair” looked good.

More Fake News. This was photoshopped, obviously, but the wind was strong and the hair looks good? Anything to demean!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2020

The image was originally posted by William Moon on the unverified Twitter account “White House Photos.” Moon is an apparent Trump fan based on his social media presence, and he describes himself as a White House correspondent, though it’s not clear where he publishes. He is not associated with the White House nor with the White House News Photographers Association, but does post photos from open press events, according to Vox. 

According to an accompanying tweet, Moon noted that the image was “never photoshopped,” but that the colour was adjusted using Apple smartphone’s photo app. Moon later told BuzzFeed that the “sunset was reflected on the president’s face and hair.” The black and white version that Trump posted does appear to have been altered to further emphasise the contrasting tones on Trump’s face. 

Moon’s original photo, however, is similar to photos taken by both Associated Press (below) and Getty Images, that also clearly show a line around the president’s face. But the colour in those photos is more subdued, and Trump’s hair appears whiter.

Another post from Moon also isn’t quite so orange. 

@realDonaldTrump⁩ returns to the White House from Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo by William Moon at the South Lawn of the White House on February 7, 2020

— White House Photos (@photowhitehouse) February 7, 2020

Trump has faced scrutiny for “the hair” in the past, especially in the wind, like here when he mounted the steps of Air Force One for a trip in 2017. The criticism seems to have struck a nerve, leading him to focus on his windswept hair in Moon’s photo.


— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) March 3, 2017

Unsurprisingly, Moon’s tweet launched a flood of memes and comments.

Trump has always had trouble with foundations. #OrangeFace

— Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) February 8, 2020

Who wore it best?

— David Leavitt (@David_Leavitt) February 8, 2020

I almost never mock someone’s looks, even if I think they’re a horrible human being, but I will say this: if you have the most powerful job in the world and virtually unlimited resources but can’t take five seconds to google how to use a beauty blender, you deserve the mockery.

— Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈 (@cmclymer) February 8, 2020

People are saying the whole #OrangeFace thing is immature and petty, but there’s more to it.

This image is indicative of a person who doesn’t have his mental faculties all squared up.

He’s obsessed with his public image yet he manages to look like the next Joker.

— Devin Duke (@sirDukeDevin) February 8, 2020

Trouble at the border

— Conan O’Bryan Yang (@bryanyang) February 8, 2020


— Living that Model life (@immnamna) February 8, 2020

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Torrential Rain And Floods Hits NSW While WA Bushfires Continue

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Over the weekend parts of Sydney were in danger of potential life-threatening flash flooding as rain kept bucketing down for a third day in a row in downpours not seen since 1998.

Rainfall in some parts of the state approached half the annual average, but the falls were welcomed after the state saw its driest year on record in 2019, at 55% below average.

Sydney has seen 90.6mm of rain since 9am this morning and just recorded 110km/h gust at Fort Denison. Another band of intense rain and strong winds is forecast to move into the Southern Shire in the next 30mins. Warnings:

— Bureau of Meteorology, New South Wales (@BOM_NSW) February 9, 2020

The state’s Bureau of Meteorology said there was potential for heavy “rainfall and life-threatening flash-flooding,” and coast erosion, although little danger of river flooding as water levels have been low due to a persistent drought.

NSW Floods was trending on Twitter on Sunday night with people in disbelief that the flash floods the bushfires crisis 

@sunriseon7@TheTodayShow Crazy views from our place, one minute severe drought and heavy water restrictions to this within 24hours. This water front came up within 5-10 minutes… Clearly no warning with Mum in her pj’s 😅.

— Abbie Northey-Daskey (@__abbieruth) February 9, 2020

From fire to water. Grass fire at this spot few weeks ago, now flood at Eastern Creek on Garfield Road West.

— Chandrika C. Hasan (@Chanvjvl) February 9, 2020

What a weekend in Sydney. Extreme flash flooding and super windy. Hot one minute, floods the next. Crazy.

— Use Caution (@UseCautionMusic) February 9, 2020

From fire to falls! This is the result of a changing climate.

— Greg Bourke (@GregBourke3) February 9, 2020

In Queensland, meteorologists also warned of flash and riverine flooding on Sunday, following heavy falls overnight.

Meanwhile severe bushfires burned through parts of Western Australia on Sunday, with other areas of the state dealing with the aftermath of powerful cyclone Damien, while the east coast was facing potential life-threatening flash flooding.

After months of destructive bushfires that have razed millions of hectares of land, Australia has copped more wild weather that has alternately brought heavy downpours, hail storms, gusty winds and hot and dry air.

#CoogeeBeach the morning after the night of #NSWFloods. Some trees, poles, fences down behind the toilet block, sand & bits of trees everywhere. Coogee rabbit was happily munching behind its rails, & coffee still available, so life continues.

— anmari (@anmarired) February 9, 2020

This was me standing in the middle of my street in Narrabri, NSW Saturday 8th February 4pm. This built up within minutes, we had no warning at all. My house was to the left of me, water at our stairs and climbing.

— Abbie Northey-Daskey (@__abbieruth) February 9, 2020

Wentworth Falls this afternoon.

— Blue Mountains (@katoomba_gal) February 9, 2020

first nswfires now nswfloods .. we’re never gonna get a break

— . (@97JENNlE) February 9, 2020

Elizabeth Street is not living its best life. Lights are out and it’s a creek.

— fapanislives (@fapanislives) February 9, 2020

About a dozen fires were burning in Western Australia (WA) on Sunday, with severe fire danger expected in several districts, according to fire services and the state’s Bureau ofMeteorology.

“Very hot over the Eucla (in WA) with a fresh and gusty southerly change extending from the west during the morning and afternoon,” the Bureau of Meteorology said on its website.

Daytime temperatures in the Eucla district were forecast at up to 42 Celsius. 

The state’s upper parts were battling on Sunday the aftermath of tropical cyclone Damien that made a landfall on Saturday afternoon, bringing winds of up to 200 kilometres per hour. 

No immediate damages were reported and the cyclone was expected to weaken as it moved inland, but winds were seen to blow at more than 100 kilometres per hour.

Reporting by Lidia Kelly.  Carly Williams contributed to this report. 

George Calombaris’ restaurant empire on the brink of collapse

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Celebrity chef George Calombaris’ restaurant empire is facing voluntary administration after it emerged last year staff were backpaid $7.8 million in wages and superannuation in 2017.

Qantas flight bound for Perth forced to return to London

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A Qantas flight bound for Perth has been forced to return to London this morning after a suspected tail strike on takeoff.

Iran again fails to put satellite into orbit amid US worries

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An Iranian rocket failed to put a satellite into orbit, state television reported, the latest setback for a program the US claims helps Tehran advance its ballistic missile program.

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