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The Ultimate Guide to Duromine: The Weight Loss Pill

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Duromine – Wonder Drug or ‘Legal Speed’? Duromine is one of the most popular and effective weight loss drugs in the world. And in theory, it sounds perfect. You start taking Duromine, the weight falls off you and you have so much more energy and you just aren’t hungry anymore! If you haven’t heard of

Duromine – Wonder Drug or ‘Legal Speed’?

Duromine is one of the most popular and effective weight loss drugs in the world. And in theory, it sounds perfect. You start taking Duromine, the weight falls off you and you have so much more energy and you just aren’t hungry anymore!

If you haven’t heard of Duromine before, it is a prescribed medication that is used to reduce body weight in overweight and obese patients. It has gained a lot of press in the last few years as it works very quickly but has some really nasty side effects.

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Duromine 40mg

Duromine is also known as:

Duromine can be prescribed for weight loss if you are over the age of 12 and have a BMI greater than 27 together with a weight-related condition (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes etc).

Table of Contents:
1. What is Duromine?
2. What Does Duromine Do to the Body?
3. Where Can I Buy Duromine? And How much Does it Cost?
4. Can You Buy Duromine in Australia Without a Prescription?
5. Is Duromine Speed?
6. What are the Side Effects of Duromine?
7. How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose on Duromine?
8. What Foods Do You Eat Whilst on Duromine?
9. Real Life Stories of Being on Duromine
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1. What is Duromine?

The generic name for Duromine is ‘Phentermine’. Duromine is a medication used for the short term treatment of obesity. The medication comes in three different strengths, 15mg, 30mg and 40mg and is prescribed by your Doctor. The active ingredient ‘Phentermine’ is combined with a resin to slowly be released into your bloodstream over a period of 24 hours.

Duromine belongs to a class of drugs known as ‘Anorectics’. Anorectics are a class of drugs that reduces the appetite, therefore reducing food consumption which then leads to weight loss.

Before being prescribed Duromine, your Doctor will do a full health check to ensure that Duromine is right for you.

The reason Duromine is only by prescription only is that the ingredients can interfere with your health if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or epilepsy. That and Duromine can also interfere with other medications you may be taking, particularly if you are on anti-depressants or taking cough and cold medications that contain pseudoephedrine.

Duromine can be prescribed to anyone over the age of 12 that meet the health requirements and is one capsule, taken daily in the morning.

Just four hours after taking Duromine, you will start feeling the effects.

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2. What Does Duromine Do to the Body?

Duromine works by suppressing the appetite. The ‘Phentermine’, the active ingredient in Duromine is a stimulant, much like amphetamines. The stimulant affects the part of the brain that sends the signal that we are hungry.

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Patients on Duromine, therefore, eat less and have more energy, so burn more calories.

3. Where Can I Buy Duromine? And How Much Does it Cost?

With a legal prescription from a Doctor, you can buy Duromine at any pharmacy.

The average price of Duromine is:

4. Can you Get Duromine in Australia Without a Prescription?

No way. You really need to be under medical supervision on this medication or it can really fuck you up!

5. Is Duromine Speed?

No Duromine is not speed. But it works very similar to speed, hence it’s nickname ‘Legal Speed’.

The difference between Duromine and Speed is:

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6. What are the Side Effects of Duromine?

Duromine is a stimulant that can be extremely addictive and has serious side effects. Some of the milder ones are an increased heart rate, blood pressure, restlessness, insomnia or palpitations while some more severe include addiction and physical dependence.

Some of the few common side effects of Duromine include:

But Duromine also has some side effects that are a bit rarer such as:

Duromine is only recommended to be taken for a short period of time (usually 12 – 16 weeks).

The problem is that users of Duromine can get very addicted to the medication, so it can be hard to give up.

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7. How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose on Duromine?

According to, patients on Duromine can expect to lose up to 10% of their body weight over a 12 week period.

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Most people seem to lose about 5kg the first week and 1 – 2 kilograms per week after that.

8. What Foods Do You Eat Whilst on Duromine?

It is recommended that you stick to a healthy and nutritious diet whilst on Duromine. Even though you will feel less like eating, you still need to eat a balanced diet to get all the nutrients the body needs, especially whilst you are on medication.

9. Real Stories of Being on Duromine

The Ultimate Guide to Duromine

Andy from South East Queensland:

When I started on Duromine 5 months ago, I weighed 180kg. Straight away it worked for me. No more cravings, and lots of energy. I’ve lost roughly 10kg a month with a total loss so far of 55.4kg. I’m feeling great but still have a long way to go. I stick to basic meal plans as I’ve pretty much lost interest in food. Just have what I need to stay healthy. I recommend taking vitamins whilst on Duromine. I’ve had some minor side-effects but it’s been worth it”

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Sheridan from Perth, Western Australia

“I started Duromine 3 weeks ago and the weight is just falling off. I’m not going by how many kilogram’s I’m losing but more about the clothes that I’m aiming to fit back into from 15 years ago. So far I have already dropped two dress sizes and feeling amazing and loving the compliments I get daily from work colleagues. My biggest issue was constantly craving sugar and eating junk and take away daily for the past 5 years and nothing helped fighting the cravings until now. As for the side effects, I have been extremely lucky.

I’m sleeping the best I have in years, not getting the sweating or the extreme high energy feeling, I don’t feel any side effects apart from the dry horrors making me smash out litres of water per day. Highly recommend this product for those needing help to shed some kilograms.”

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LouAnne Review:

“I’ve been taking Duromine 30mg for 13 weeks. I was 120kg and have lost 17kg. I’m really happy with the results so far, it’s the lightest I have been in 10 years. I’ve been directed by my GP to take a break and I’m a bit nervous about my appetite returning. My body got used to the dosage and the side effects have been mild – sleep disturbances and constipation. I am looking forward to sleeping more soundly, I went from 7.5 hours sleep a night to 6. I try to keep calories under 1400 per day and do at least one vigorous walk. I’m cautiously optimistic that this drug has been the kickstart I needed.”

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MSW South East Queensland:

“I started on Duromine 15mg and the first few days it really hit me with energy and no appetite but wore off after a couple of weeks. I was a little disappointed to find I had only lost 2kg after two weeks especially due to me exercising a lot but my Doctor reassured me it can take time. My Doctor upped mine to 30mg after checking my blood pressure and said to come back in a month so I’m hoping something has changed by then.

I make sure I take mine around 6am and it helps to have the tablet sitting right on my bedside table with water ready to go. Tired by 9pm which is good as I snack at night otherwise.”

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I’m Lucky I Didn’t Have Side Effects

“I have been on Duromine 30mg for two weeks now and lost 10kgs I haven’t personally experienced any side effects myself. For the first two days I felt full of energy and had no appetite at all however I managed to eat small snacks so my body had that extra natural energy and drank plenty of water which has now become a natural habit before eating any meals.

I did for the first 3 days wake up early hours of the morning feeling like I had slept for days however this soon had stopped by day four. I must say you need to exercise if you want results it’s like anything else you want to achieve you must work to get results even if it’s a 25-minute walk it’s something. It is important you keep your fluid intake up even if you don’t like water.”

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I Felt Jittery and Had Trouble Sleeping

“I have started taking the 40mg and for the first 2 days, I felt jittery and had trouble sleeping,, but now I feel fine although I am barely eating its been 5 days now and I’m drinking 2L of water a day, no junk food or alcohol and I haven’t lost any weight! I have cut my portion sizes down in half and still nothing… am exercising but can’t lose the weight.. has anyone got any suggestions?”

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