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Dog Pool Toys Exists So Your Pupper Can Live Their Best Life This Summer

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If you have a pool and pooch, you gotta get some dog pool toys. We don’t make the rules. If you have a dog who loves playing in water, near water, or with water, there’s no better time than the start of summer to buy new dog toys for the pool (even if it’s the […]

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If you have a pool and pooch, you gotta get some dog pool toys. We don’t make the rules. If you have a dog who loves playing in water, near water, or with water, there’s no better time than the start of summer to buy new dog toys for the pool (even if it’s the inflatable variety), or beach. Because if there’s anything dogs love more than water, it’s water toys.

The summer heat can be brutal, so taking your pup to play at a pool, beach, or any clean and safe body of water can cool them down tremendously. While you’re there, you might as well help them get their energy out by providing some fun toys to fetch, chase, chew, or lounge on. And by lounge on, we mean on top of a legit pool float designed specifically for dogs. Are dog-friendly piña coladas a thing?

We rounded up the internet’s best water toys for dogs, including floating toys for the pool, toys to play fetch with at the beach, and toys that can be hooked up to a hose for some wet and wild summer fun. Wet dogs are messy and smell like, well, wet dogs, but they’re the happiest good dogs on the planet because… water! And seriously, is there anything more enjoyable than watching your very wet dog having the absolute best day ever? Aside from watching your very dirty dog take a bath, that is. (If your dog doesn’t like getting wet, check out these ridiculously adorable dog raincoats for those summertime rain showers.)

Not that your dog could possibly love you any more than they already do, but if you get them a new water-friendly toy to play with, it definitely won’t hurt your relationship. Take a look at our list below to find the right water toy for your dog.

Best Dog Pool Toys

Nerf Dog Shark Football

The perfect weather and water-resistant toy to take to the pool or beach, this lightweight and durable squeaky football flyer is made for medium-large breeds who love endless hours of playing fetch. The bright blue color makes it easy for your dog to track it no matter how far you Tom Brady it.


Hyper Pet Chewz Dog Stick

A chew stick made of lightweight EVA foam, perfect for large dogs with sensitive teeth. This chew toy is safe on teeth, easy to clean, and floats on water for interactive pool time. Also choose from balls, a bone, and a hubcap toy.


ZippyPaws Squeaker Dog Toy

There’s something about squeaky toys that are just irresistible to dogs (they have a different effect on most humans, however). This durable shark toy is the best of both worlds — it’s a fun floating toy for the pool and it has two coveted squeakers. Choose the sea creature your dog loves the most — a shark, turtle, or walrus.

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SwimWays Dog Raft

After all that playing in the pool, even dogs need to relax, which they can do in this raft that can support exhausted pups over 65 pounds. The design features a paw-friendly fabric that covers a puncture-resistant construction, so your dog (and you) can lounge in peace. And a bonus: The raft folds into three compact circles for easy portability.

$50.20 AT AMAZON

Paws Aboard Doggy Lazy Raft

A paw-shaped raft that’s designed for dogs and their pokey little nails? Yes, please. This raft comes in small, large, and extra large, and it’s made with puncture-resistant vinyl. The company purposely put a tiny hole in the vinyl to make the surface not too firm and not too soft.

$32.50 AT AMAZON

Best Floating Dog Toys

ChuckIt! Bumper Fetch Toy

Made from lightweight EVA memory foam that’s soft on dogs’ gums and teeth, this bumper chew toy can float and is perfect for the pool, beach, or lake. It has a knot at the end of the rope to help your pup get a secure grip. It comes in small or medium and can even be loved by cats.


Nerf Dog Tire Flyer

This tire flyer is basically a frisbee made of safe rubber that won’t hurt your dog’s mouth when they catch it over and over and over again. It’s lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and it floats — perfect for a fun day at the beach or jumping in and out of a pool over and over and over again.


Outward Hound Floating Dog Toy

Dogs who can’t get enough of stuffed animals will love these adorable floating sea animals. They’re squeaky, durable, buoyant, and there are several fun animals to choose from, including a narwhal, orca, clown fish, turtle, and stingray. According to reviews, these toys are best for small dogs or big dogs who aren’t known for tearing toys apart. In other words, your feisty dog can probably tear this one apart pretty easily.


Kong Aqua Floating Fetch Toy

A water retrieval toy that comes in Kong’s classic shape and has a rope attached for easy throwing and easy retrieval. It’s made for the water and comes in medium and large. One reviewer wrote, “These float and are very durable. The added cord makes it very easy to throw, and if you have a great swimmer like I do it helps you get great distance.”

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$13.99 AT AMAZON

Ruff Dawg Flying Fish

The perfect pool toy for dogs who love being active, but can’t see as well as they once did. The bright colors make it a little easier for them to find the toy in the water (or wherever else it’s thrown.) The fish is made of rubber, so it’s easy on the teeth. When thrown in the water, it sinks for a few seconds, then pops back up, giving dogs time to dive for it.

$16.95 AT AMAZON

West Paw Zogoflex Ball

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly toy, this 100 percent recyclable ball is a great option. The funky shape gives the ball a crazy bounce that’ll keep your dog running all over the place. It stays afloat, and when it’s covered in slobber and goop and who knows what else, it can be thrown in the dishwasher for a good scrub down. The ball comes in two sizes: small and large.

$11.95 AT CHEWY

Best Dog Toys You Can Hook Up To The Hose

Raxurt Dog Pool

Dogs who love playing in water love this splash pad. It’s designed specifically for dogs with a thickened, durable, non-slip pad — although kids can certainly get in on the fun, too. Whether your dog wants to jump through the sprinkler, splash in the water (or drink it), or just lay in the pool, they’re in for a good ol’ wet time.

$22.98 AT AMAZON

Bringerpet Water Fountain

This water dispenser will keep your dog hydrated and entertained. Dogs can easily activate the water by stepping on the pad to drink, keep cool, or play in. The gadget can be connected to a hose or outdoor faucet. It can also be set up indoors, but that just seems like the absolute worst idea.

$38.90 AT AMAZON

Tidal Storm Hydro Spinning Sprinkler

Okay, technically this spinning sprinkler is for kids, but dogs f-ing love it. Hook it up to a hose and it spins and twirls water all over the yard. One reviewer wrote, “Purchased for my dog… The water in the middle shot up at least 13 ft and the wobblers wouldn’t quit. No leaking at all. Puppy got much enjoyment out of it during the late summer months.”

$15.99 AT AMAZON

FrontPet Foldable Pool for Dogs

Give your dog a place to cool off this summer with this portable pool. It’s made of thick PVC material and high-density fiberboards to prevent popping. You can set it up at home and connect it to a hose or bring it along to the beach if your dog loves water but isn’t into waves. The pool comes in small, large, and extra large.

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$49.99 AT AMAZON

Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Give your arm a break and your dog the best workout ever. This ball launcher lets you chuck the included tennis ball way farther than you’d be able to throw it — like all the way down the beach. Plus, you won’t have to touch a wet, slobbery ball. No offense, dogs. And FYI, the launcher is compatible with standard tennis balls, so the balls can easily be replaced.


Best Dog Beach Toys

ChuckIt! Flying Squirrel

For dogs, the only thing better than chasing squirrels is chasing flying squirrel toys. This one is lightweight and flexible, and it’s durable enough to withstand wear and literal tear from dogs. Reviewers say the trick to throwing it a far distance is holding the tab on the side of the toy and not by one of the weighted corners.


Hyper Pet Flying Disc

A floating, water-resistant floppy frisbee that’s easy to throw and doesn’t hurt when your dog catches it. The best part, other than it being super fun for dogs, is that it comes in five designs — including donuts. One reviewer wrote, “I always bought hard rubber frisbees, but they are not easy for me to throw and my dog doesn’t like to catch them. So it was important to me to find a disc that is comfortable for him to catch … but strong enough to withstand a bit of shaking and biting as he returns the toy to me.”


Kurgo Skipping Stones

Now your dogs can play with rocks without destroying their teeth. Hooray for them and for you! This 2-pack of brightly colored rubber skipping stones are made of non-toxic material and never get waterlogged. Plus, they’re just so fun.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Kong Wet Wubba

A fun toy for the beach that kind of looks like a jelly fish but without all the stinging. This dog toy is wrapped in neoprene (the rubber used in wetsuits), which makes it super fast drying. It’s also a fun toy to play with in the snow. Year-round toys are the best toys.

$11.99 AT CHEWY

The post Dog Pool Toys Exists So Your Pupper Can Live Their Best Life This Summer appeared first on Scary Mommy.

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