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9 Jewelry Kits That’ll Let Your Kid Get Their Bling On

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Why oh why didn’t they have jewelry kits for kids when we were young? (And the ones that were available weren’t this good.) Think of all that time spent in the craft store with Mom trying to find all of the cording, beads, and tools. It took forever to find all the right stuff, and […]

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Why oh why didn’t they have jewelry kits for kids when we were young? (And the ones that were available weren’t this good.) Think of all that time spent in the craft store with Mom trying to find all of the cording, beads, and tools. It took forever to find all the right stuff, and then we had to wait an eternity for Mom to finish shopping before we could get home and get crafting. But thankfully, companies have gotten a clue and taken some of the guesswork and legwork out of the shopping experience. Like other art or craft kits, bracelet and jewelry-making kits are foolproof and awesome for kids of all ages. Even better, it’s an activity that can be done independently or with others (and you know your kiddo will love making matching BFF jewelry with their bestie). 

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Creating jewelry or wearable art provides them with an outlet for positive self-expression. It’s a veritable right of passage really, right up there with camping trips and swim lessons. It’s a craft that lasts well beyond the time it took to make because it can be worn with pride. Making jewelry for friends and family is also a way to connect and bond with others. For the younger set, making jewelry is a crafty way to develop fine motor skills, patience, and focus. Just note: Most jewelry-making sets contain small pieces and aren’t suitable for toddlers under three. 

If you’re coming up with your summer bucket list of activities, check out these nine jewelry kits for kids that will keep them busy this summer  — at least for a little while. Just don’t forget to get your kiddo a jewelry box

Best Bracelet Making Kits

Unicorn and Mermaid Charm Bracelet Kit

A perfect blend of color and magical creatures awaits with this whimsical charm bracelet-making kit. Seriously, what could be better than the precious trifecta of unicorns, mermaids, and rainbows? Fill up 11 easy-to-use and adjustable bracelets with colorful charms and beads for endless personalization. Their construction makes changing out charms and beads easy for when outfits and preferences change. Bracelet materials are wax cord and quality silver, and there’s enough cord to make a few necklaces – hello, matching sets. Many reviewers agree the set’s a good quality for the price. Says an Amazon reviewer, “I’m completely blown away by the quality of this set! These charms are wonderfully detailed! For the price you really can’t go wrong!” The kit also comes in a cute box for easy gifting or storage. 

$16.99 AT AMAZON

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GILI Friendship Bracelet Kit

Get your kids this GILI friendship bracelet kit for all the nostalgia feels. These little plastic woven numbers have us middle school reminiscing—did you sit in the grass and make them during P.E., too? As with some things, the bracelet-making method got better with time; there are more cool ways to weave the thread — with styles like the bungee braid, DNA, and banana split — than ever before. (We’re still figuring these new styles out, but they sound cool.) There’s also an awesome loom kit that secures the threads for easy weaving (or the kids can go vintage style and hold them between the knees circa 1990s). Step-by-step instructions with photos are included, and a drawstring bag contains the mess.

$26.19 AT AMAZON

Fashion Angels Alphabet Bead Bracelet Making Kit

Make their bead-tastic dreams come true with this jewelry-making kit by Fashion Angels. With more than 1,500 beads of every letter, number, and color of the rainbow, they’ll be whipping up bracelets for friends for hours (hopefully). There’s enough jewelry cord for at least 30 bracelets depending on wrist size and how snug they prefer the fit. Let them craft away the days, making accessories with their names, friends’ names, favorite things, secret messages, and inside jokes. We’re not sure how they’d feel about sharing, but there are enough beads to make it a family affair. When it comes to storage, thank heavens this thing comes with a case, otherwise you’d be Dysoning up these little suckers for months.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO Dots Bracelet Making Kit Mega Pack

It was only a matter of time before LEGO jumped on the jewelry-making bandwagon, and we’re not upset. LEGO is perfect for bracelets, and they’ve really knocked it out of the park with their Dots kits. Dots come in smaller packs of two bracelets, but how can anyone stop at two? These little things are addicting, so the mega pack is the way to go. Five fully-adjustable bracelet bands are included, along with colorful tiles in various colors and shapes. Tiles easily pop on and off so bracelets can be redesigned and redecorated quickly. But don’t take our word for it. Nearly all 1000+ reviews are five stars. Says an Amazon reviewer, “The best $25 I ever spent on Legos…my 8-year-old loves these! She has taken them apart and made many different designs for herself and friends.” 

$19.99 AT AMAZON

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The Beadery Wonder Loom Bracelet Kit

The loom for this bracelet-making kit looks a little wild, but don’t let the photo fool you! This top-rated set includes a full set of instructions, and once they make one bracelet it’s smooth sailing. The loom and pick tool keep the plastic threads tight and organized to maintain the design and make using multiple colors a breeze. The loom makes rings too, just pay attention to the tight fit on small fingers (cutting off blood circulation is a mood killer). Six hundred latex-free rubber bands will have your kids making bracelets all summer long, a perfect activity to beat the heat on a lazy afternoon.


Best Kids Jewelry Kits

Loyo Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit

Your little one will create some serious bling with this pop bead kit by Loyo. Full of bright colors, the beads easily snap together — no jewelry string or wire is needed, which is great for smaller hands that are still developing fine motor skills and dexterity. This is a jewelry kit that younger kids can do by themselves, hooray! (Supervised, of course, ‘cause beads are still a choking hazard.) The kit includes more than 500 non-toxic beads in many shapes, two hair bands, five bracelet bases, and ten rings. The best thing about pop beads is their reusability—simply snap off the beads to create a whole new style. With this flexible jewelry-making set, they’ll be sporting an arm party and filling up their jewelry boxes in no time. Cleanup is easy with its snap latch plastic storage container. 

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Kit

If they (or you) prefer something that isn’t plastic, clay-based jewelry kits for kids make a great alternative. Tweens and teens can roll, shape, and cut polymer clay into their very own creations. The finished jewelry has a more upscale boutiquey look, something the older set will appreciate. The kit includes eight different clay colors that can be blended to create even more color combinations. Clay’s just the beginning, as they can mix and match beads and charms to personalize. Older kids can obviously handle this craft on their own, but parental supervision’s recommended when baking the clay in the oven. With enough supply for three bracelets and three necklaces, the kit should keep them busy for a day or two.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

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STMT DIY Choker Necklace Set

So let’s get this straight: skinny jeans and side parts are out (they’re cheugy apparently; look it up because we were clueless too), but 90s-era chokers are back in. Hell, it’s hard keeping track these days, but it’s safe to say that what was old becomes new again. At least that seems to be the case with chokers, which call up some serious ‘My So-Called Life” vibes. Kids can bedeck suede cord, stretch lace, or velvet with all manner of embellishments like charms, feathers, natural stone beads, metallic spikes, and trim. Make them adjustable and durable with chain links and clasps. As a bonus, pink pliers come with the set so your pair in the garage won’t mysteriously disappear.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Frozen 2 Forever Friends Jewelry Making Kit

A kids’ jewelry set roundup wouldn’t be complete without Elsa and Anna. Your kids will love making Frozen-inspired pieces for themselves and their BFFs. This is my daughter’s absolute favorite jewelry-making set, and she especially loves the Elsa and Anna pendants and the purple and blue beads representing the two sisters. Snowflakes, hearts, and two half-heart best friend pendants round out the kit and are perfect for matching bestie necklaces or bracelets. Six feet of plastic cord has made two necklaces and two bracelets for my little one so far, and there’s still enough for more. While there isn’t a storage case for this set, the plastic heart container comes with a snug-fitting lid to keep everything organized.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

The post 9 Jewelry Kits That’ll Let Your Kid Get Their Bling On appeared first on Scary Mommy.

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