Do you dream of an idyllic cottage in the countryside? Is your Pinterest board filled with images of wildflowers, rustic fields, and homesteads? Is Practical Magic your favorite movie? If so, chances are you're hardcore into cottagecore. Cottagecore is a trending lifestyle aesthetic that romanticizes the rural life and celebrates all things your grandmother loves, like pottery, baking, and arts and crafts. Another source of inspiration for the aesthetic is the existence of woodsy magical beings, like witches and fairies. It emphasizes a simple life and the wonders of the great outdoors, which might explain why it became hugely popular during the pandemic. (It wasn't just sourdough keeping people busy.) So, don't be surprised when you see a slew of cottagecore names like River and Daisy running around the local playground in a few years.

If you're a cottagecore fan, or just love nature and all things vintage, you might consider a cottagecore baby name for your little one. Go ahead and peruse your Pinterest and vision boards to get into a cottagecore frame of mind. Then put on a pot of dandelion tea, set your dog-eared copy of The Secret Garden aside for a bit, and return to this charming list of names to help inspire you.


The short form of the Old English “Aelfraed,” this whimsical boy’s name means “elf,” “counsel,” and “wise.”


Although this name has a Biblical meaning, “carried by God,” it feels folksy — largely thanks to folk-rock singer-songwriter Amos Lee.


You can probably guess why this name’s here, right? The name Ansel, which means “with divine protection,” is primarily linked to the famed landscape photographer Ansel Adams.


A strong name, Archer conjures up images of playing pretend in an open field with a homemade bow and arrow. This Anglo-Saxon moniker is gender-neutral and means "bowman."


This name of Celtic origin means “noble one,” but it also has a much more outdoorsy meaning: “bear man.”


This girl’s name has two incredibly cool associations. First, it’s the name of the princess of the elves in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Second, it’s the name of a hilly area on Saturn’s moon Titan.


Whether you're a sucker for fabulous fall colors or your little one was born in autumn, this is a lovely name for either boys or girls.


This sweet girl's name means "voyager, traveler," which is fitting since Beatrice in The Divine Comedy served as Dante's guide through paradise. And thanks to its history as a royal family name, it'll surely remind you of tea parties in the English countryside.


This cute boy's name has recently gained popularity, perhaps thanks to survivalist Bear Grylls or celebrities like Alicia Silverstone and Kate Winslet choosing it for their children. It can symbolize soft and sweet like a teddy bear or as fierce and powerful as the real deal.


In the 1880s, Birdie was a Top 200 name — and it’s poised to make a comeback. Meaning (not surprisingly) “bird,” it’s been picked by celebs like Busy Philipps for their daughters.


The name Branwen has Celtic roots and means “blessed raven.” According to Welsh mythology, Branwen was transformed into a bird. It's a very popular moniker in Wales and related to the name Bronwyn.


Not just Sleeping Beauty's real name, this British name means "thorny bush of wild roses" and is perfect for boys or girls.


This Latin name means “to sprout” and is a variant spelling of the plant bryony, a wild climbing vine with green flowers.


Meaning “cedar tree,” this gender-neutral name evokes images of an evergreen forest.


Did your baby have the rosiest cheeks when they were born? Commemorate the moment by naming their Cerise, which in French means cherry. It also mean bright or vivid red. Odds are, your little one will continue to live up to the name by being just as sweet.


This sweet three-syllable name has roots in Latin. It comes from the name Caecilia (which is just as flowery and beautiful if you're looking for an alternative) and also the female form of the Latin name Caecilius. This name sounds just like the southern Italian island of Sicily and rolls off the tongue just as gracefully. Cicely also has a unique definition — it means blind.


A joyful girl's name, Clementine means "merciful and gentle." And let's not forget the happy and bright citrus fruit that many enjoy at Christmastime! Another reason to love this name? It comes with the cute and easy nickname "Clem."


If your daughter feels like good fortune, Clover could be the perfect name — thanks to the plant of the same name, it’s associated with luck. Of English origin, it means “key.”


A girl’s name of Latin and Celtic origin, Cordelia means “heart” and “daughter of the sea.” An old-fashioned choice, it can easily be shortened to Cora for a modern twist.


The name Cyrus is of Persian origin and means “sun.” And if your kid wants a super-cool nickname, you could also call them “Cyrus the Great” after the fifth-century B.C. Persian leader.


Remember when Meg Ryan called daisies "the happiest flower" in You've Got Mail? As fresh and fun as it is charming, this floral name got some serious publicity when Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom chose it for their daughter.


This girl’s name of Greek origin means “laurel” or “bay tree.” You may recognize it from mythology — Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree by her mother, river god Peneus, to escape Apollo’s romantic obsessions.


This name meaning “of Arcy” has a sort of romantic savoir-faire — blame it on the beloved Jane Austen hero Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.


After a 30-year hiatus, Elsie made its comeback on the popular names list in 2005. And since then, it’s been rising in popularity every year! Ioan Gruffudd has a daughter named Elsie Marigold, which is perhaps one of the most cottagecore names ever.


A precious cousin of Emma and Emily, this name might ring a bell with ‘80s babies as the name of Brooke Shields’ character in The Blue Lagoon. Or with ‘90s babies as a witch in the Harry Potter series.


If you’re looking for a unique gender-neutral cottagecore name, look no further. Fable conjures up images of fairytales, giving it a lyrical quality.


This sweet English name means “fairy,” giving it a whimsical cottagecore feel. It makes a fantastic short middle name, too.


This pick shares its name with a leafy green flowerless plant. Of course, many of us fondly recall plucky Fern Arable from E.B. White’s childhood classic Charlotte’s Web.


This adorable boy's name refers to the yellow bird of the same name and is an excellent choice for bird watchers.


An occupational name of English origin, Fletcher means “arrow-maker.” It’s quirky, hints at adventure, and isn’t going to be shared by every other kid on the playground.


Another animal-inspired name that’s gender-neutral, Fox is fast rising. It’s also the name of David Duchovny’s character, Fox Mulder, on X Files.


Of Latin origin, Frances is the feminine form of Francis, meaning “from France; free man.” While it’s been featured prominently in film and literature, it’ll always belong to Practical Magic’s Aunt Frances in our hearts.


If you love the name Pearl but it’s getting a little too popular for your taste, try Greta — of German origin, it means “pearl.” Long associated with silver screen star Greta Garbo, it’s increasingly becoming linked to Greta Gerwig, who directed the new Little Women adaptation.


An old-fashioned name, Hattie fits perfectly with wicker baskets, large-brimmed hats (no pun intended), and patchwork everything. It also means "home-ruler" to give you an idea of her behavior....


Maybe you’re a fan of skate legend Tony Hawk. Or perhaps you just love the idea of a fierce animal such as this bird of pretty being your kid’s lifelong mascot. Either way, Hawk makes for one badass cottagecore moniker.


Thanks to the great American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, this name gives off some serious 19th-century literary cred. Of English origin, it means “lives where hawthorn hedges grow.”


Although often thought of as strictly a boy’s name (J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye might be to thank for that), Holden is a gender-neutral choice meaning “hollow valley.”


A 1903 song by this name declares it to be “sweet as apple cider,” and who could really argue with that? Fun fact: It’s also the name of a mountain on Crete considered to be the birthplace of the god Zeus.


Another beautiful flower name for your little girl, this one also means "rainbow." So, that pretty much seals it as the perfect cottagecore name for nature lovers.


Looking for a vintage name that's still unique? Look no further than the one popular name, Jane. It's short and sassy and means "God is gracious."


A gentleman-like name for your little boy, Jasper means "treasurer." Can you picture the fun scavenger hunts you'll play together? It also represents a family of quartz gemstones, giving it an extra-earthy appeal.


Want a cottagecore name with a beautiful built-in nickname? Try Juniper! Gender-neutral, this Latin tree name means “young” and could be shortened to so many things: June, Juni, Juju... you get the picture.


Of English origin, the name Lenora means “light” or “sun ray.” Pretty fitting, right? It also means “compassion,” making this name a bright and pure choice all around.


You might immediately think of Charlie Brown's best friend, but Linus is a distinctive and sophisticated name for your little boy. It's symbolic of a musician in Greek mythology (so no wonder Linus loved playing the piano).


There’s a lot to love here. A gender-neutral name, Lupin means “pertaining to the wolf.” But it’s also the name of an enormous genus of flowering plants. And, of course, Harry Potter fans will recognize it as the name of the werewolf professor Remus Lupin.


A Greek name that works for both boys and girls, Lyric means “lyre” or “harp.” So, if you hope your little one has musical aspirations, consider this adorable option.


Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize this name from actress Maisie Williams. The cute moniker is making a comeback in cottagecore thanks to its old-timey sweetness and lovely meaning, "pearl."


While this name’s meaning feels fierce and a little stern (“battle-mighty”), it’s chock full of vintage charm — Roald Dahl gave it to the precocious heroine in his book of the same name.


A unique name for your little girl, it means exactly what it sounds like — "merry weather" — which is sure to be a good omen for her no matter where she goes.


This cute and quiet name recently found a resurgence (Drew Barrymore named her daughter Olive). It means "olive tree," which is traditionally recognized as a place for peace.


Like the jewel names Ruby and Pearl, Opal keeps climbing the baby name charts. Of Sanskrit origin, it means “gem.” And it is, in fact, a gemstone — one the Greeks thought sprung from the tears of joy Zeus cried upon defeating the titans.


A more unique pick among floral names, this plucky option means “red flower.” It’s quite popular in Hollywood — a slew of celebs have chosen it for their children.


A diminutive of Philippa, Pippa means “lover of horses” — and you can’t get much more pastoral than that. Of course, this moniker has gained quite a bit of notoriety in recent years thanks to Kate Middleton’s sister of the same name.


This Irish boy’s name means “floodtide,” “abundance,” and “prosperity.” It comes with two super-cute built-in nicknames, Raffe and Rafe. Although, if you think Rafferty is long, consider the original form: O'Raighbheartaigh.


Actors Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund chose this Greek name for their son, born in 2020. It means “where roses grow,” giving it a pastoral vibe.


Couldn’t very well leave this one off the list! A gender-neutral name, it shot to popularity in the ‘90s due to its ties to late actor River Phoenix. More recently, celebrities from Keri Russell to Kelly Clarkson have chosen it for their kids.


This lovely Irish gender-neutral name means "red-haired," which could be literal for your little one, a tribute to your heritage, or a nod to your love for Ireland.


If you don’t mind a name that’s highly used, Sawyer remains a classic choice. Of English origin, it means “woodcutter.” Many people remember it fondly as the last name of Mark Twain’s mischievous hero who grew up along the Mississippi River.


Speaking of vintage literary names, you can’t think of Scout without thinking of the spirited character from To Kill a Mockingbird.


Not only is this the name of a bird (it’s Indigenous, meaning “sparrow”), it’s also the name of the world’s largest tree. It only grows in a narrow 60-mile band along the Sierra Nevada mountain range.


This occupational name means (as you may have guessed) “sheepherder.” It has a few spelling variants, and comes with the cool nickname “Shep.”


A traditional option for little boys, this name might be making a comeback thanks to Stanley Tucci's Instagram and divine cooking series, Searching for Italy. Besides, it gives all the cottagecore vibes, thanks to its meaning of "stony meadow."


Another gender-neutral name with a literary feel, Story calls to mind folk legends and fairy tales — ideal if you’re a writer or just a lover of words.


Having experienced a heyday in its native France back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, Sylvie may feel like an old-fashioned choice today. But, you know, that’s kind of the gist of cottagecore. Plus, it has a charmingly woodsy meaning: “from the forest.”


Of English origin, this name means “roof thatcher” — a throwback to the thatched-roof cottages that lined the Old English countryside.


A classic name for your little boy, Theodore means "gift of God" and harkens back to an era of leadership and innovation (Theodore Roosevelt, anyone?).


The name Walt comes from the German name Walter, which doesn’t exactly give those cozy cottagecore feelings. However, it’s the first name of famed Leaves of Grass poet Walt Whitman, who was cottagecore before cottagecore was cottagecore (say that five times fast).


Historically, Wilder has served as a surname. But with celebrities like Oliver Hudson choosing it for their children, it’s gaining notoriety.


This soft and elegant gender-neutral name means "willow tree" and "freedom." Of course, if you're an '80s or '90s kid, you'll undoubtedly associate it with the magical 1988 movie by the same name.


Much like Autumn and Summer, Winter is now trending as a popular choice for your little girl. It's a beautiful choice whether she was born in winter, conceived in winter, or a winter wonderland merely inspires you.

Source: Scary Mommy