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25 Best Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 0 To 104

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Subscription boxes for kids are one of the greatest gifts you can give your little ones. (Well, if you ask them, the absolute greatest gift might be an endless supply of candy, but subscription boxes would probably be a close second.) Here’s why: They’re full of fun and cool new things; they can be educational; […]

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Subscription boxes for kids are one of the greatest gifts you can give your little ones. (Well, if you ask them, the absolute greatest gift might be an endless supply of candy, but subscription boxes would probably be a close second.) Here’s why: They’re full of fun and cool new things; they can be educational; they give kids something to look forward to each month; they keep kids busy and out of your face for at least 20 minutes; and you can choose the boxes that best fit your child’s interests.

There are literally hundreds of subscription boxes designed specifically for different age groups, but to save you the trouble of sorting through them, we put together a list of our absolute favorites that are also kid-approved. From cooking-themed boxes to arts and crafts, to STEM activities and a monthly supply of stickers, there’s something for every kid. (Yes, you read that correctly, there’s a sticker subscription box that’ll help you vicariously live out your wildest sticker dreams you probably never fulfilled as a kid.)

Receiving a box full of goodies in the mail with your child’s name on it will bring them so much joy and magic. So while you might be super jealous of all the cool shit your kid is getting, here’s a fun fact: For all the awesome subscription boxes that exist for kids, there are even more subscription boxes for women (including moms-to-be). Just sayin’. Check out our list of best kids’ subscription boxes below.

Best Subscription Boxes For Kids


Lovery was created by two parents who incorporate Montessori toys and activities that help bolster developing brains into every box. The products are non toxic, made of certified organic materials, and both parents and kids are obsessed — for good reason. The company also sells super popular baby gear, including a play gym, a wooden block set, and more.

Delivered monthly for ages 0 to 2.


Little Passports

These play-based science and geography kits help kids foster a love of exploration of different countries and cultures, as well as science — perfect for raising a little world traveler.

Delivered monthly for ages 8+.



Oh, Kiwi Co. How we love thee. There are so many boxes to choose from with this awesome company. There are boxes for babies, preschoolers, kids, and teenagers — everything from electronics to pretend play to chemistry to animals and nature, to arts and creativity, and more. Dare we say it’s the ultimate and most diverse subscription box company for kids?

Delivered monthly for ages 0 to 12+.


Raddish Kids

Introducing the cutest way to help your kids learn to cook. And by cute, we mean really, really convenient. Each Raddish box comes with three recipe cards, one kitchen tool, an apron patch, a creative kitchen project, three culinary skill lessons, and a complete grocery list. All you have to do is shop for the ingredients (unfortunately – but it’s a great lesson for kiddos, too) and supervise in the kitchen.

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Delivered monthly for ages 4 to 14.


Strong Self(ie)

Designed for tween and teen girls, Strong Self(ie)  is packed full of fun and positive products, as well as tips on using the products to help girls feel their strongest.

Delivered quarterly for ages 8 to 17.


Think Outside

If your kids need a little (or a whole lot of) nudging to put down the screens and have outdoor adventures, Think Outside is the box to get. Each box comes with three to five pieces of quality outdoor gear, water-resistant resource cards, an educational booklet, hands-on activities, and challenges to do as a family.

Delivered monthly, quarterly, or annually for ages 4 to 14+.



Do you have a kid who’s obsessed with baking and and taking photos of the results because they’re perfectly Pinterest-worthy? You’ve found your winner. Foodstirs is an organic, GMO-free, all natural DIY baking kit for kids that won’t cause any tears. The instructions are easy to follow and seriously fun for the whole family. Each box comes with all the ingredients and extra tools needed (outside of the regular baking gear you already have at home).

Delivered bi-monthly for kids ages 6 and up


Girls Can!

This is a subscription box for future world changers with an interest in the diverse women who have made history. Each box features a new real-life fearless female along with an activity book and hands-on STEAM activities.

Delivered monthly for ages 5 to 10.


Best Arts And Crafts Subscription Boxes For Kids

We Craft

We Craft is an award-winning craft kit that comes with a themed story, four or more coordinating crafts, all the materials needed for two crafters, and easy-to-follow photo directions. It truly makes life so much easier for parents who want their kids to craft but have no interest in dealing with buying all the things and setting everything up. (Hi, that’s us.)

Delivered monthly for ages 3 to 9.



This is the sticker club you dreamed of as a kid. Seriously, why didn’t this exist in the ’80s and ’90s? The shipments include unique and fun packs of stickers your kiddos will love. Choose from a petite pack with 7 sheets or the classic pack with 15 sheets. And just so you know, there’s a pro pack that’s geared more towards grown ups. Score.

Delivered monthly for ages 5+.


Craft + Boogie

You and your little one will love these holiday-themed crafts designed to encourage self-expression and family time. Each kit comes with three to four festive crafts, a family game, simple snack recipes, paper table decorations, activity pages, a Spotify playlist, and a history lesson on the holiday. It’s a fun way to get festive without doing too much work.

Delivered monthly for ages 3 to 8.


Annie's Young Woodworkers Kit

If you have a kid who loves building things, they’re going to love this woodworkers kit. The kits come with five new tools and the supplies needed to build fun projects they can be proud of. Plus, they’ll gain confidence in their abilities and will be fixing things around the house in no time. Maybe.

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Delivered monthly for ages 7 to 12.


Tinkering Toddler Crate

Here’s a fun arts and crafts crate designed to engage preschoolers in sensory play, art, science, early math, and early literacy. Each kit comes with three engaging activities and all the materials needed, plus step-by-step directions for you to help your little ones.

Delivered monthly for ages 3 to 5.


Best Book Subscription Boxes For Kids


This book club for kids brings joy to your child’s life and also makes choosing a bedtime book a lot easier — and we’re all about making things easier. Choose from a board book box for babies and toddlers, a mixed picture book box for all ages, and a picture book box for older kids. Each box comes with three or four books, and for every box purchased, one book is donated to a children’s literacy charity.

Delivered monthly for ages 0 to 7.



Bookroo sends a great selection of hidden gems that your kids will love. There are two options for the boxes: board books and picture books. Or if you prefer, you can alternate the type of book each month, which is nice if you have a baby or toddler at home who loves board books and an older kid who prefers picture books.

Delivered monthly for ages 0 to 12.


Little Feminist

This cute book club for kids carefully selects books for each age group. These include board books and picture books about empathy, inclusivity, equality, feminism, as well as books about exploration. Kids will get one or two books per box as well as a DIY activity.

Delivered monthly for ages 0 to 9.



The books that come in this extra special club proudly feature characters and families that are racially and ethnically diverse, LGBTQ+, feminist, and other traditionally under-represented identities in children’s books. You might know a grownup or two who might benefit from this book club as well.

Delivered quarterly for ages 0 to 8.


Best Kids Clothing Subscription Boxes

Stitch Fix

You’ve probably heard of, or even tried, Stitch Fix. It’s the same model for the kids boxes as the ones for grownups: A personal stylist sends over clothes, shoes, and accessories based on your preferences. You only pay for what you keep, and the $20 styling fee is put towards the cost of the items. A 25 percent discount is included if you buy all the items, so yay for saving money! If a personal stylist for your kid seems ridiculous, think of it as a way to take the hassle out of shopping. The price we listed is based on the average cost per item.

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Delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months for sizes 2T to 14.


Rockets of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome is… awesome. You’ll never want to go shopping for clothes for your kid again. It works similarly to Stitch Fix with a $20 styling fee if you don’t keep anything, but they also have a program where you can earn credits if you send clothes back once your kids have outgrown them — which happens after like four days, right? It’s up to you how many items you want sent — either five, eight, or 12. If you keep everything, you get a 45 percent discount. Yes, please!

Delivered quarterly for sizes 2T to 14.



If your child has an aversion to wearing the same thing as other kids, this box will do the trick. Inside, kids will find three coordinated outfits (seven pieces total) for boys and girls. If you keep everything, you’ll get a 30 percent discount.

Delivered monthly, every six weeks, or every three months for sizes 2T to 16.


Sock Panda

Fun socks can really make an outfit. Panda Socks promises unique and exciting socks your kids won’t want to take off, but hopefully will, because ew. In the box, kids will get two pairs of socks and a mystery surprise. Name a kid who doesn’t love a mystery surprise, I dare you.

Delivered monthly for ages 3 to 11.


Best Science & STEM Subscription Boxes For Kids

Mel Science

These science projects are delivered directly to your doorstep for your budding scientists. There are three box options: MEL Kids, MEL Physics, and MEL Chemistry. Included in the boxes are hands-on STEM projects, AR lessons, and live science classes.

Delivered monthly for ages 5 to 16+.


Creation Crate

Help your teenagers prepare for jobs of the future (aka the present) with Creation Crate. Each box comes with one electronics project your kids will learn how to build and program, proving that they will for sure make more money than you one day.

Delivered monthly for ages 12+.


Beautiful Discovery

Ah, the wonderful world of discovery. This STEAM kit offers the opportunity to explore beautiful patterns of life through art, ecogames, origami, easy code, and natural wonders.

Delivered monthly for ages 9+.


The post 25 Best Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 0 To 104 appeared first on Scary Mommy.

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