17 Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas just for you!

Cake has been served as part of the wedding ceremony since ancient times.

Wedding cakes have changed over the years and for the modern bride, it seems the choices are endless.

Traditionally the cake was eaten by the guests to bestow fertility on the couple so it was very important that everyone had a piece. Hence, the bigger the wedding, the bigger the cake needed to be. The icing was white to indicate the bride’s virginity and purity. The cake was also a symbol of the bride’s wealth. The taller the cake, the more layers or tiers, the luckier the groom is.

But people these days neither know or care about these traditions. How about ditching the traditional wedding cake and going for some of these fresh wedding cake alternatives?

1. Croquembouche

A tall, luxurious, stylish, and pretty wedding cake? Oui!

2. Macarons as Wedding Cakes

Macarons scream chic and elegant at any event or party. If you’re going for elegance on your wedding day then macarons are a really great choice.

3. Cheesecake

What’s better than cake? CHEESECAKE! I’d totally ditch traditional wedding cakes for this one.


4. Cheese Cake!

How about a cake consisting of several wheels of cheese? This can look very fancy and can be served to your guests as one of the courses. Not traditional but a great talking point.


5. Sushi

If you love Sushi then it’s only apt to get yourself a gorgeous sushi layer that will replace the traditional wedding cake. Maybe it’s not for everyone but certainly something different! Accompanied with other desserts, this will keep everyone happy.

6. Pizza

I haven’t met anyone who said no to pizza. A pizza stack is a great idea for a couple who live for pizza! This can be served quite late in the evening just before the guests are to leave. After drinking and dancing all night, your guests will be very content to go home with a full tummy.

7. Crepes, Waffles and Pancakes

Now this is a cake that says “LOVE”. It is a real statement piece and will photograph very well.  A crepe, pancake or waffle stack is a great option for the couple looking to do something different. Together the bride and groom can pour maple syrup over the stack while the crowd ooohs and arrrhs!

8. Donuts

Donuts taste great and the stacks look gorgeous. It also costs less than tiers of cake. It will definitely cut some of your wedding costs.

9. Pie

Such a charming treat to serve to your wedding guests. Wedding pies look gorgeous with any wedding theme!


10. Naked Cake

This one is closest to the traditional wedding cake but costs totes cheaper. It’s totally gorgeous, too, when decorated with fruits and flowers.

11. Brownies

If you’re a couple that’s crazy for brownies then it’s only fitting to have stacks of brownies on your wedding day!

12. Pavlova

Getting married on Australia Day? Then a pavlova wedding cake is a really great idea!

13. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a really great option for weddings instead of the three-tiered traditional wedding cakes. It’s easier to serve and looks really cute!

14. Burger Cake

This one’s probably the most unique one out of all the choices here but if you want a burger stack on your wedding day then don’t let anyone stop you! It’s your wedding remember that.

15. Rice Krispies

Share your love for Rice Krispies to your wedding guests! These ideas for Wedding Rice Krispies look super dainty and breathtaking…

16. Cinnamon Rolls

These wedding cinnamon rolls are goals!

17. Lamingtons

A very Aussie cake for a true blue Aussie wedding! Have the caterer stack and decorate it. Lamingtons are a crowd favourite and it will definitely keep all of your “hard to please” guests happy.

Remember the cake is still a big part of a couple’s wedding day so make sure you go for what you want and not what tradition dictates so. Your wedding, your cake! So make sure it is what you want it to be.

Cake, Brownies, Cheese or Donuts? Anyone?

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