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17 Best Lawn Games To Get The Entire Family Outside

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With warmer weather here to stay, you’re probably looking for the best lawn games for kids to play with after being cooped up in the house for the last year and a half. Summer is just around the corner, so that means spending more time outside under the warm sun or cooling off in the […]

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With warmer weather here to stay, you’re probably looking for the best lawn games for kids to play with after being cooped up in the house for the last year and a half. Summer is just around the corner, so that means spending more time outside under the warm sun or cooling off in the water (even if it’s just an inflatable kiddie pool). If you’re looking for activities to keep your little ones away from screens and staying outdoors, setting up lawn game, playing catch, or even having a good old-fashioned water gun fight will always result in hours of entertainment. 

Getting back to the basics of playing outside is important in this day and age. And you know what? You can never go wrong with some of the classic games you grew up with. You probably remember playing some versions of these as a kid: Cornhole, horseshoes, lawn darts, the list goes on and on. These are lawn games the whole family can have a good time with — and after all, what family BBQ is complete without a competitive cornhole tournament? 

Much of the lawn games on the market today are updated versions of the classics from our childhoods, but there are some new ones like laser tag gear and giant inflatable bowling. If you’re ready to find your next big hit for family game night, check out some of the most popular lawn games out there!

Best Lawn Games For Kids

Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games

Ready to put those hand-eye-coordination skills to the test? This ring toss game from Elite Sportz is perfect family game to pack with you on camping trips or BBQ parties. The set includes the wooden game board with 5 pegs to aim for, 10 plastic rings, 10 rope rings, and a travel bag. Set up is easy and can take you less than 2 minutes to get ready to play.

$29.97 AT AMAZON

ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns with Vests

Now who doesn’t love laser tag? Instead of spending the cash on an outing to a laser tag place, just set up your own game and arena in the backyard. There’s nothing better than getting some friends together at night and shooting them with lasers in the warm summer breeze. This set includes 4 vests and guns that are ideal for anyone over the age of 8. Each vest and gun comes with settings to pick your team color so you can identify who’s friendly and who’s the enemy.

$99.99 AT AMAZON

HAKOL Lawn Darts Game

Looking for a game to play no matter if it’s daytime or nighttime? This set of lawn darts from HAKOL features glow in the dark tips! That’s right, so long as you can provide a light source to charge up the dart tips, you can keep the good times going well into the night. The whole family will have a blast playing with these lawn darts. They’re durable and easy to grasp, so anyone ages 6 and up will be able to play. The darts feature a weighted shock-absorbent tip so it’ll stand upright after landing. The pack includes 4 lawn darts (2 blue, 2 red) and 4 glow in the dark hoops.

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$32.99 AT AMAZON

GoSports Cornhole Game

We all know and love the classic game of cornhole (some may call it bean bag toss depending on wherever you’re from). Typically, the game is played on two wooden boards. This game set from GoSports adds a fun new twist to the classic game. Instead of it being only one hole to aim for, there are 5, each with their own point values. And instead of the board being constructed of solid wood, this one will bounce your bean bag around so you’ll never know what to expect once you toss it. The set comes with 1 game board, 8 bean bags (4 blue, 4 red), a portable carrying bag, and a sheet of rules with multiple ways to play.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

The Original Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets

For kiddos with a lot of pent up energy, the Stomp Rocket game set is the perfect outdoor activity for them. There’s nothing more satisfying than jumping up and bringing all of your strength down onto something that can launch up to 200 feet in the air. Even adults will have fun competing to see who can launch their rocket the highest. The Stomp Rocket set includes 4 soft-tipped rockets and a durable stand with a dual launcher. The hours of fun are sure to be endless for the whole family.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

GIGGLE N GO Kids Bowling Set

Giant anything just makes everything funnier, so playing with this giant inflatable bowling set will result in nonstop giggles. Rain or shine, you can play with this set both indoors and outdoors. There are 6 inflatable pins that stand at 27″ tall and are weighted at the bottom with sand so they won’t be constantly tipping over, and you bowl into them in a giant 24″ inflatable bowling ball. The set also includes a repair patch in case of any tears, plus a hand pump.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

GoSports Pro Grade Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss is always a must-have game to bring to any family BBQ or camping trip. There are two targets that teams of 2 will stand opposite of and aim for. There’s a bit more skill required for this game than, say, cornhole, because instead of tossing bean bags, you’re tossing rubber bolos. So physics is something you need to take into consideration if you want to score the most points. The whole family will have fun finding their rhythm with this one and competing to see who can score 21 points first.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

EVERICH TOY Paddle Toss and Catch Ball Set

You probably remember playing with this same velcro paddle and tennis ball set when you were a kid. Well, this classic game of catch is still around and just as popular! This is an excellent game for younger kiddos who aren’t quite ready to play catch with a baseball glove. The velcro paddle does most of the catching work for them, they just have to focus on moving their hand into the right position, so it’s a great game for building up those motor skills. You can buy this same set in a variety of fun colors such as blue and red, purple, green, blue and yellow, orange and yellow, and more.

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$15.99 AT AMAZON

Mattel Games Toss Across

If you want to win at this game of Tic Tac Toe, you really have to work for it. We all know the classic game we play on paper, but now there’s Toss Across from Mattel Games. The object of the game is still the same, you want to get three in a row of either X’s or O’s, but now you have to toss a bean bag just right to make your mark. This is an excellent game for developing hand-eye coordination with young ones, and they’ll have to learn patience and strategy if they want to successfully beat their competitor. The set includes one game board with rotating triangles and six bean bags.

$17.82 AT AMAZON

Banzai Bump n Bounce Body Bumpers

With this game, this is the only time we’ll encourage running full speed into your sibling. These Banzai Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers are perfect for kiddos who just need to let off all their pent up energy against each other. Who doesn’t want to see how far they can bump their sibling or friend? These inflatable body bumpers are 25″ L x 25″ W x 23″ H and are made from durable PVC. The kit comes with 2 bumpers and a repair patch in case of any tears or poked holes.

$19.85 AT AMAZON

Giantville 4 in a Row Connect Game

We all know and love the classic tabletop version of 4-in-a-row, but imagine playing a giant version of it. Standing in at 3.5′ tall and 4′ wide, the whole family will have a blast playing with this out in the backyard. Birthday parties, BBQs, family game night — no matter the occasion, everyone will want to try their hand at playing this massive game.

$154.99 AT AMAZON

Himal Collapsible Cornhole Game Boards

This is another great version of cornhole, especially if you’re looking for something that’s portable and great for traveling with. This game set from Himal includes two collapsible game boards and four bean bags (2 blue, 2 red). The collapsible boards are constructed from high elastic flat wire and a tear-resistant polyester fabric. The boards span 2′ in length and 1′ in width. And when they’re all broken down, they can easily pack into a 1′ x 1′ carrying bag. That way, you’ll be prepared for family game night wherever you go!

$26.99 AT AMAZON

Champion Sports Horseshoe Set

When it comes to outdoor games, it doesn’t get more old school than a game of horseshoes. This indoor and outdoor horseshoe set from Champion Sports is constructed with rubber material, making it soft (yet durable) for kids to safely play with. The set includes 2 mats with pegs, 2 dowels, and 4 rubber horseshoes (2 blue, 2 red). If you’re playing indoors, that’s where the mats with pegs come into play, and if you’re playing outside just stick the dowels right into the grass and you’re ready to start tossing!

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$16.88 AT AMAZON

Rainbow Toyfrog Jumbo Tic Tac Toe Game Set

Forget the pen and paper, giant Tic-Tac-Toe is the only way we’re playing from here on out. This version can easily be set up in the grass in the backyard or even on the deck or patio. The game board measures out to 23.6″ L x 23.6″ W and includes 5 X’s and 5 O’s. And when you’re ready to pack everything up, you can easily all the pieces away in the storage bag. This is another great game that’s easily to travel with on road trips or tuck away in a carry on suitcase.

$12.98 AT AMAZON

CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Toys Game Set

Got a kiddo that loves all things fishing? If getting to a pond isn’t always an option, you can always set one up in the backyard. This toy fishing set comes with an XXX-Large kiddie pool, 46 toy fish, 3 fishing poles, 3 nets, and a waterproof carrying bag. Each of the toy fish have magnets in them so kids can simply fish for them using the magnetic bobbers on the fishing poles. It’s a great game to build hand-eye coordination for young ones. And to make a fun challenge out of it, set a timer to see who can reel in the most fish in 5 minutes or less!

$26.98 AT AMAZON

STOTOY Foam Ball Air Guns

Shooting foam balls at a target sounds like guaranteed fun to us. These air guns feature pump-action to fire foam balls, making them a great outdoor or indoor activity (if you’re feeling particularly brave). The game set includes an ocean-themed target, 2 guns, and 24 foam balls. The target stands at 39.3″ tall and 13.8″ wide and features 4 holes to try and shoot the foam balls through. The base of the target is fairly sturdy so you can set up target practice in the living room or outside on an even surface.

$36.99 AT AMAZON

FUN LITTLE TOYS 17-Piece Outdoor Games Set

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop of games to play outdoors with the family, this 17-piece set will cover all your bases. It has all the classics such as pickleball, scoop ball, water-proof tennis, paddle toss and catch, and some slingshot rockets. These are great games to play with in the pool, bring to the beach, or simply play with in the backyard at BBQs or family reunions.

$23.95 AT AMAZON

The post 17 Best Lawn Games To Get The Entire Family Outside appeared first on Scary Mommy.

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