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15 Jobs That Are Worse Than Yours

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Those mornings when you are in the midst of the most amazing dream – and there it is. The alarm. Ripping you out of your fantasies and slapping you straight back into your reality. Arrgghh!! Please make it stop! I don’t…

Those mornings when you are in the midst of the most amazing dream – and there it is. The alarm.

Ripping you out of your fantasies and slapping you straight back into your reality. Arrgghh!!

Please make it stop! I don’t want to go to work!

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Work. Such a Debbie Downer on the chance to enjoy some sunshine, or curl up with your favorite book or spend with your children. No one seems to understand just how bad your job is. It sometimes feels like it’s seriously the worst job EVER! If you have to smile at one more loud, obnoxious, opinionated client, you may just be featuring on the front cover of Australia’s Most Wanted.

Just take a moment to share a thought with me.

What if – you’re actually one of the lucky ones? Not feeling it? Well, let me share with you,

15 Jobs That Are Worse Than Yours

I guarantee!

That is unless – you ACTUALLY have one of these jobs. In that case – you have my condolences. You own the right to complain..

1. Sewer Diver

In some countries where the sewerage system just isn’t that flash, there can be major blockages (pun intended) which need to be – well, unclogged. This is a job for your local sewer diver! They will suit up – though some don’t, and get down and dirty finding out what the hold up is. They fix the problem all whilst having very limited visibility. No amount of perfumed spray would be able to hide the stench of work at the end of the day.

Imagine being their wife – “Oh hi honey, how was your day?” Sewer Diver: “Shit – just shit!”

2. Crime Scene Cleaner

The aftermath of a violent crime can be what nightmares are made of. For some of it then becomes their responsibility to clean the scene of the crime and restore it to previous condition.

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3. Underarm Odour Assessor

a.k.a stickyeth thy nose in strangers armyeth pityeth person.

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This is actually a thing. Right now I have ‘mental smells’ I guess you could call it, running through my mind – think teenage boy after school in summer, the co-worker who ‘forgot’ to indulge in deodorant for the morning or even the whole week. Now imagine sticking your nose in their armpit. Bluurrgh!

Underarm sniffers test for odors to measure how good their employer’s products are.

Your job is looking a little better already, isn’t it?

4. Mosquito Bite Tester

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Summer – long afternoons outside enjoying the weather and a chilled drink or two. Life is perfect. Slowly they find you. First one – ouch! Then apparently an SOS was somehow sent from the first (now deceased) mosquito and the entire population of the metropolis of Mosquitoes has arrived to avenge its death.

Could you imagine then willingly let multitudes of mosquitoes feed on your blood – for the sake of research?!

You’ve probably seen them – those clear boxes with swarms of blood suckers ready for the all you can eat buffet that awaits. The tester sticks their arms in and it is on. I couldn’t tell you much more than that – by this stage of the presentation – I’m (a) passed out, (b) burying my head in the cushion sobbing why why?! Or (c) left the room completely and lathering myself in insect repellent, just in case.

5. Pet Food Taster

While most of us are dry reaching with the first whiff of fluffies food choices, there are actually people who are chowing down on it. Ok – so it may not be the whole sit down at the dinner table and crack open a can of Whiskas or my dog, but there are people who are employed to test the palatability of the food. The optimum texture for tinned food (apparently!) is to be similar to paté. Nice – I’ll keep that in mind.

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6. Professional Ear Cleaner

Wielding a cotton covered needle and a pair of pincers the noble art of cleaning people’s ears of dirt, dust and wax gets handed down through the generations in India.

Nope – definitely no job envy there.

7. Train Stuffers

In Japan availability of room on the train system is rare. To maximize the amount of people who travel the trains – Train stuffers are employed. What they do is just that – stuff people into the trains. Far too much touchy-feely with strangers for this chick, thank you very much.

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8. Roadkill cleaner upper-er

Animal corpses are often a little confronting to see on your daily commute, so there are specific jobs (usually in their local council) to clean the roads up of roadkill. Just to emphasize the enormity of this not so cruisy job… think Australian summer, hot road surface…rotting flesh. Yep – they can have that job to themselves!

Roadkill - Wikipedia

9. Theme Park Cleaner

Doesn’t sound that bad really – just your everyday cleaner right? Wrong! What do people LOVE about theme parks? Roller coasters and fast spinning rides.

Not everyone can stomach the life in the fast lane – and when they hurl, that’s when the cleaner has to step up. Yuck!

10. Portable toilet cleaner

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The music has quietened, the crowds have gone. Daylight breaks on another post festival morning, and port-a-loos. Lots of them. Someone has to clean them and prepare for the next event. There is a reason I don’t even use port-a-loos, let alone having to actually clean them. Whole new ball game, I’m not taking the catch for thank you very much!

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11. Telemarketer



They would have to be the most unpopular of all people in households across the world, and that is why their job is by far worse than yours!

Think about it – day in day out getting hurled abuse at. Nuh uh, my fragile self esteem would NOT cope with that!

12. Podiatrist

So this is pretty mainstream, and they are so necessary in today’s world – but that does not put it on the most desirable list.

Your day is spent getting up close and personal with a variety of feet, in all states of cleanliness — and uncleanliness.

I know how bad MY feet smell when I slip my shoes off – let alone having to smell and touch a strangers feet!

13. Stool Sample Analyst

And by stool I’m not talking furniture.

You think shitting in a jar was bad – pity the person who them has to poke and prod at it in the lab.

Enough said.

14. Forensic Entomologist

What is this — I hear you ask?

Well it’s the study of insects in relation to a crime.

They are the ones who study rotting corpses and insects found within them to solve the cause of death.

15. Shopping Channel Presenter

I mean – seriously, how much enthusiasm do you have to rally to promote a bloody vacuum cleaner, or fry pan?

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Our list may be a few worst jobs short..

What other odd jobs do you know of?

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