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What is in a dental lab?

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What is in a dental lab?

Put simply a dental laboratory is a location that manufactures and customizes a selection of products designed to improve oral health, hygiene and dental care. Products produced include crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants and more which are all of course, subject to FDA regulation, they’re then supplied to qualified and licensed dentists. Basically, any fake teeth, dentures or anything else you have fitted as a patient is manufactured by dental labs before being supplied to the appropriate party.

Why is it important?

It’s important to know that certification in the dental laboratory profession sector is strictly voluntary thus, certified laboratories are seen as part of the top or elite within their field. An array of certifications can be obtained with the simplest being based on third party review of photos of the facility and the most complex on the international organization for standardization which develops standards through the consensus of standards organizations from one hundred and sixty-one countries. Professional and competent dental lab will maintain great relations with dentist, dental surgeries as well as customers, recognizing possible defects or problems with products manufactured if need be while skillfully and rapidly rectifying any issues that may come up. Furthermore, they’ll dedicate precision, attention and, care, when adhering to instructions and specifications paying, particular attention to those found in patients’ prescriptions. Lastly, guaranteeing they can deliver the products and materials required by the specified date and time is primordial.

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Dental labs are subject to working with a multitude of materials such as waxes, plastics, precious and non-precious alloys, stainless steel, various porcelains, polymer glass combinations, composite glass combinations and more. Skilled dental technicians put their efforts towards producing sophisticated products and laboratory procedures while creating functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces. Dental laboratories help ensure the highest level of quality procedures is provided to patients, assuring the right solution is developed and crafted to each individual.

Can Insurance Cut the Cost of Lab-Made Crowns and Dentures

Given the high prices for crowns, dentures and other oral treatments, many patients look to insurance and other outside sources for help instead of trying in vain to find a cheap dentist. In these troubled times, few of us can afford these staggering expenses strictly out of pocket. If you have traditional insurance, it may cover a certain portion of the expenses as long as you have paid your deductible and have not exceeded your yearly maximum. You might also be subject to a lengthy waiting period before you can get the dental work done.

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