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Is Our World Run Like a Mafia? So What Do We Do?

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Sometimes, we live our lives and take good things for granted, and it takes a dramatic event to realize how the world really works. Unexpectedly, we are living through such an event today, and — perhaps against our will — we are getting a brutally dire…

Sometimes, we live our lives and take good things for granted, and it takes a dramatic event to realize how the world really works. Unexpectedly, we are living through such an event today, and — perhaps against our will — we are getting a brutally direct education in the nature of our relationship with authority, which is a lot less flattering than what our liberal (in the normal sense of the word) western education had led us to believe.

Punchline: I believe that what’s happening today with the Great Reset and general authoritarian shift is likely not an aberration from our civilizational ways, not an exception to the rule. It is simply an open demonstration of the power dynamic that many of our ancestors have been dealing with for centuries on end, in different ways.

We, people in the West, have been very lucky in the past few decades between World War II and 2001. We have been lucky that the economic model that was useful to the most powerful individuals in the world was also working for us since our consumer power and our freedom to choose what products and activities we liked were good for their bottom line. It looks like those two things are no longer as useful to their bottom line — which explains the authoritarian shift.

Some of us are just finding out that the “world order” is run like a mafia, more or less. We are finding out that our seemingly familiar world is run on mafia terms, by mafia minds. We are finding out that we, respectable citizens, are not so valuable to the mafia heads — and in their opinion, now may be our turn to be thrown under the bus of their infinite ambition for control.

Now, when we were growing up, did we count on being “those people,” “that generation” dealing with tyranny head on? Just like those who came before us and were attacked by the Machine, we certainly did not.

And my hope is that when we come out of this darkness — whenever it occurs and whatever it entails — we’ll come out of it with a deeper philosophical understanding of this world and of ourselves, as opposed to just yet another version of the Machine that is run by us as opposed to by them.

Why? Because as long as our fight is about ensuring that “people like us” benefit from the Machine as opposed to “them” (who can be sacrificed), we’ll be facing Great Resets galore until the cows come home.

“Divide and Conquer” Is a Masked Request to Help the Mafia Heads

As we know, “divide and conquer” is a traditional and very effective trick from the metaphorical Tyrant Manual, used by mafia heads for centuries (along with terror and violence) all over the world, in association with different ideological words — and usually, with quite a bit of success. The tyrants just love tapping into our fear and pain! They just love it because without spiritual clarity on our part, it works like a charm every time!

The reason why the tyrants have had so much success with this trick is because in our society, due to the lack of general spiritual respect, a lot of people have been “pre-humiliated” and soul-starved, whether they know it or not.

The souls of people starved for respect crave some kind of grace, and so we often accept any bone thrown to us — and with that, we also often accept the “anti-other” propaganda that mafia heads initiate to demonize those they want to sacrifice (and then steal their stuff). This dynamic seems to exist in every culture, in every camp — and it ruins good things every time!

The tyrants know very well that those who are humiliated and unhealed are so caught up in their own pain that they are prone to being oblivious of the fact that the type of elevation offered to them by the mafia heads requires degradation or even death of somebody else. And that’s how the Machine continues to exist. It continues to exist by making us internalize the feeling that inflicting pain on “us” is very bad (which of course it is), but inflicting pain on “them” is not.

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Weaponizing Pain

Tyrants are very good at turning both immediate and symbolic pain into a weapon against whomever want to demonize at a given time. They like to create situations in which instead of focusing on healing and growing our souls so that we can heal others, too, we nurse and protect our own trauma and aggressively bark at everyone who contradicts the trauma-glorifying foundational beliefs!

Time and time again, the tyrants come up with plausible talking points that lionize the suffering of the group they temporarily elevate, and they call for revenge. As if on behalf of the suffering people, they call for humiliation of another demographic to “compensate.” Sounds like Incredible treachery? It does, and it is!

That pattern of behavior is overtly destructive toward the people who are thrown under the bus, and it’s covertly destructive toward the ones who are encouraged to be stuck forever in their pain and to hinder their own spiritual growth. (Q: Who benefits from vampiring the energy of hindered spiritual growth? A: Mafia heads!) And of course, the tyrants don’t care about anyone involved. They care strictly about feeding the insatiable ice-cold holes in their hearts, that is all.

Breaking the Centuries-Old Vicious Circle

The important question is, how do we counter that particular type of abuse? I believe that we counter it gradually, with a passionate spiritual feeling for doing the right thing, as solving this problem is one of the hardest things to do, and people are usually very married to their pain, and it takes a lot of benevolent spiritual feeling to break through.

I believe that when it comes to dealing with the unhealed, it makes sense to approach them with genuine love, their messes and all, and be kind to them while firmly standing your own spiritual ground. (Easy to say, hard to do — but none the less, that’s what needs to be done).

At the same time, when it comes to ourselves, it is our big, big, big responsibility to do whatever we possibly can to heal our wounds the soonest and in the sweetest way, and that’s regardless of whether others choose to heal their wounds or not.

It is one of those mysterious things that work in a way that is impossible to describe. If we befriend our trauma and start loving the symbol of our trauma more than our freedom from the ghosts, we risk turning into the very force we are trying to fight, and then we turn into unwitting helpers of the Machine, and then … hello, another Great Reset!

For that reason, my own passionate prayer is for the best healing of those I agree with and of those I disagree with, too. After all, healing of others benefits us all!

Who Wins in the Game “Divide and Conquer”? Mafia Heads, That’s Who

History has demonstrated again and again that when people go along with throwing others under the bus, sooner or later they get scooped by the Machine as well. And then it’s a bit late to complain!

It seems to works like this: First, the tyrants announce that a group of people (whose support the tyrants need) are the “special ones,” and they make the temporally “special ones” believe in their exclusive goodness, as the mafia managers congratulate and thank them for their help in sacrificing the other (“pagans,” “hostile Indians,” antivaxxers, people from another village, people whose ancestry or religion or biological traits make them “inferior,” and especially those whose property the mafia heads want to steal).

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The sacrifice of “the other” is always for the greater good, of course. And then, once “the other” has been mostly fed to the Machine, the tyrant comes straight for the former special ones, who usually get very surprised! And the tyrant laughs at them without mercy as they try to remind him about the agreement they thought they had, about the fact that they were supposed to be special … He just laughs. So.

My feeling is that one of the important spiritual aspects of the Great Reset is to expose us to the ugly nature of throwing others under the bus based on our ideology or our idea of science or God. It is perhaps to cure us of the notion that the Creator discriminates based on our ancestry, religion, talking points, or the words we use to pray.

Without a doubt, everyone is special in a spiritual way and has a valid existential reason to be here and enjoy. And in order for the ongoing onslaught of great resets to end for good, we need to end our willingness to throw other people under the bus or deem them inferior in the name of the victory of our ideological goo.

When we do that with passion and with vigor, when we insist, this great reset will sooner or later self-combust, and the future ones may not come. The “great resetters” know that very well, and so they try to inflict more pain on us to make us tired and numb. They hope to milk our pain all the way with the idea that while we are hurting, we’ll be more agreeable to hurting others in the name of elevating ourselves.

Controlled Demolition

Another reason for the pain is of course the attempted controlled demolition of the world we know. The self-appointed mafia bosses are dismantling their old “production lines” — as well as our expectations of what it means to be free — so that they can “build back better” at our expense. By building back better, of course, they mean building more efficient and secure production lines, and maybe turning our bodies into useful factories as well.

And why do they feel entitled to such abuse? They have always been this way! It’s just that in the past few decades, we here in the West have been “chosen” to be “the special ones,” so we have not noticed the abuse as much.

Delusion, Undone

I think that realizing the true nature of our relationship with authority (whether we can immediately change it or not) is an important lesson that we can learn from living through the attempted Great Reset. Yes, life was far more pleasant and sane before the attempt at the Great Reset — but I think that as far as the mafia heads go, our comforts and freedoms were always intended as a temporary thing.

We were meant to believe we were free as long as our productivity and our consumer power were good for their bottom line. And as soon as AI started tempting — and overpopulation, worrying — the mafia heads, they quickly decided to take the matters in their hands and “course-correct,” making sure the peasants’ belts and nice and tight, and the leashes short.

For decades, we in the West were mostly sheltered from explicit abuse, especially during the “productive” years of our lives. The cultural paradigm has been to grant the “ability to buy a lot of stuff” to competitive individuals in their prime, and to toss people out of the “relevance zone” once they get tired, old, or sick — or maybe toss them out right away if they were too traumatized or unfit to compete in the market that required being able to operate and win in the atmosphere of unlove.

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As a result, a lot of people have been spending their energy-rich youth proving their productivity and usefulness to the Machine and climbing up the ladder in the market based on unlove — only to eventually get tired and learn, through personal experience, that from the start, the Machine has never cared about them in any way.

Depleted, with new youth — indoctrinated into the latest thing — breathing into their necks, many people in the West have been walking into invisibility and irrelevance in their old age (unless of course they raised their kids right, and their kids continued to take care of their aging parents and protect them from the Machine).

“COVID” Made the Holes in Our Spiritual Existence Very Visible

When 2020 hit, it greatly exaggerated the existing ills by making them absurdly big. Lionizing inexperienced and gullible youth while disrespecting elders and tossing them into the trash has been a cruel cultural norm in “developed” countries for a while. In 2020, that norm, mixed with panic, arrogance, and blind trust in the ones in charge, played out like a horror film.

It played out like a horror film that featured abuse, imprisonment of elders in nursing homes, and mass murder of helpless patients at hospitals, all over the world.

A side note on medical mistakes Dr. Pierre Kory wrote an interesting letter about use of Midazolam and sedatives in COVID wards. Dr. Kory argues that early on, they were used by doctors out of “fear and stupidity” rather than malintent — and I do believe that it is likely true, and that most doctors, especially early on, were acting out of “fear and stupidity” (and maybe in some cases callousness and indifference), more or less.

I have a lot less confidence in the lack of malintent on the part of those who not only wrote the murderous guidelines but also bullishly enforced them, harshly punishing dissent. In my mind, for the sake of intellectual integrity, I’ve tried to find a benevolent explanation for that sort of thing — and I could find none!

There Is Hope

Good news: As the mafia bosses do their predatory thing, something mysterious is happening the hearts of those of us who insist on love. Under pressure, we are forced to remember that we are not theirs, that we are here with a mission of our own, with the spirit driving our hearts, with earth underneath our feet and timeless sacred skies above our heads (temporarily desecrated by the crazy geoengineering trails but timelessly sacred none the less — and one day, clear again!)

The soulless Machine wants to eat us all, and to the mafia bosses, we are all the same, like little ants. They’ve been hurting us in turns and laughing at how gullible we have been for centuries on end. They’ve been telling us that the game of musical chairs is the game we have to play.

They have figured out how to play our pain and our egos like a violin, and as we’ve been buying into it (also in turns), they’ve been gleefully abusing us all. They’ve been picking who is “us” du jour and who is “them” du jour — and they’ve been telling us that we are special, and those other people aren’t special at all (or better yet, that they are dangerous to all things good), and therefore, they can and should be sacrificed. But was it ever true? Honest to the heart, was it ever true?

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