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How to choose the method of hair removal that suits you

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In summer, for girls, the first thing to consider is to lose weight, remove hair, and wear beautiful clothes!Many people say that you are not right. You can not wear beautiful clothes or live your life well if you don’t lose weight or shed your hair. Why do you have to lose weight and shed your hair in the summer? I don’t want to entangle this question. I only think it’s my attitude towards life that makes me better.

Today we will not discuss these things. Let’s discuss hair removal first. Before we discuss how to choose hair remover, we should first understand the ways of hair removal and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

  1. Plucking hair

While screaming in pain and being relieved by the loss of hairs, pulling out one by one with tweezers is painful and happy.

Advantages: Save money; easy to operate.

Disadvantages: The pain is obvious, the noise is loud, and it takes more time. Besides, it can also cause folliculitis. In addition, it is only temporary.

  1. Beeswax hair removal

It is the same principle as manual hair removal. It is a more violent forced removal. Use a very viscous wax to apply to the hair removal area, then pull it hard, and you may suddenly scream.

The difference from manual hair removal: beeswax hair removal is decapitation with a single stroke, while manual hair removal is called Lingchi (a criminal law in Chinese ancient times: a thousand swords and ten thousand cuts). The advantage over plucking is fast.

  1. Chemical hair removal

Use a chemical depilatory (thioglycolate), also known as depilatory cream, to dissolve the hair into a gel form through a chemical reaction, which can be wiped off or shaved off.

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Advantages: good effect; easy to operate; if you want to make appointments temporarily, you can use it.

Disadvantages: The duration of the hair removal effect is relatively short, generally no more than two weeks. In addition, chemical hair removal agents have the risk of irritation and allergies, so avoid using them on the face as much as possible. They are suitable for the legs and bikini-wearing parts.

  1. Shaving

Using a razor to cut the hair short will not cause the hair to be thicker, but many people think that the number of hair follicles in the human body is fixed, so it will not become thicker. It doesn’t increase. If it does, baldness can be hopeful.

Advantages: The hairs can be shortened quickly, and it costs low. After all, a razor can be used for a long time.

Disadvantages: If the operation is rough, it may cause skin scratches and increase the risk of folliculitis.

  1. Medical laser hair removal

It should be the overlord in the hair removal operation. Compared with hair removal, it is full of technological sense. It mainly uses selective photothermal action to act on the melanin in the hairs. After absorbing laser light, it is converted into heat energy, which destroys the hair follicle cells to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Often the thicker the hairs, the darker the color, and the greater the contrast with the skin tone, the better the hair removal effect.

Advantages: Relatively speaking, it has high safety and mild adverse reactions.

Disadvantages: Mainly for growth period hair, so multiple treatments are required, and the cost is more expensive.

  1. Household freezing point hair removal device

The safety of the household freezing point hair removal device is still worthy of recognition.  It is limited to low energy, which can only damage and disable hair follicle cells, delay hair growth, but cannot achieve long-term hair removal effects, mainly for leg hair, hair with a darker color, and thicker diameter, such as armpit hair.

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Advantages: no need to go to the hospital frequently.

Disadvantages: The effect is worse than that of medical laser hair removal. And the cycle is long.

Finally, whether it is pulling, shave or laser depends on personal preference. If someone enjoys the painful and happy feeling, please grit your teeth.


After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the various hair removal methods above, there is a  problem that I am afraid of pain, and  I don’t want to spend a lot of money. But I also want to be safe and easy to remove hair. What should I do?

I prefer to choose to shave!

Let me talk about the reasons:

I didn’t dare to shave my hair before because I was afraid that there would be more and more hair. At that time, I preferred hair removal cream, but every time I use the hair removal cream, my skin will be red, swollen, and sting. I am afraid that it may cause other skin problems. So I gave up. Since then I have been afraid of the pain, especially if I have to pull it out frequently. I couldn’t stand it. However, the medical laser method was too expensive. In the end, I chose a household laser hair removal device. The cost is also very expensive and it is slow to use.  But it can meet my needs. After using the freezing point hair removal device, once I sunbathe or exercise, the hair will grow faster. Later, I learned that the laser method will damage the hair follicles, so I don’t use it often.

I have always wanted to find a safe, cheap and convenient way. Finally, I learned that the number of human hair follicles is fixed, and shaving will not make the hair thick.  I started using an electric shaver, the current shaver. The technology is very mature, each incision has protective measures, and it is well cleaned. The key is to build an inexpensive and quickly remove the hair we want to remove without worrying about skin allergies and other issues. The razor meets all my requirements for hair removal. In my opinion, the only thing that is not enough is that it cannot be permanently removed, but there is no way. There is currently no way to achieve real permanent hair removal, including medical laser hair removal.

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Of course, everyone’s understanding of the way of hair removal is different. Choosing the most suitable one is the best. My experience and insights can only mean that I am more suitable for shaving with a razor. Finally, I recommend kingdo  shaving knife which I am now using after comparison. The website is . If you have the same situation as me, you can try my suggestion! Now Christmas is approaching, it is also a budget to buy it. You can also send it to your family or friends as a Christmas gift. It’s a good choice.



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