Such trends as closer to nature and minimalism in the bathroom are becoming more and more popular. They are present in the catalogs of well-known ceramics manufacturers and interiors of the most famous and advanced designers.

In order to make your bathroom not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, designers recommend using more natural materials such as wood, glass and stone. Wood and glass can be suitable for furniture or decorative elements, and stone is an excellent solution for a bathroom sink. What else should you consider when choosing a sink?


Most ceramics manufacturers offer to choose minimalist basins of simple shapes made of natural or artificial stone. These can be square, rectangular, round or oval custom made bathroom sinks. Vessel sinks can be perfect for any decor and can be an accent element in your bathroom. The edges of such sinks are usually elongated, which gives them a special elegance. They will decorate the interior of any bathroom.

If to speak about small rooms, a rectangular sink with a deep bowl in a compact size will be an excellent solution. Lovers of straight lines will like these sinks.


Stone and marble washbasins are especially relevant now and will not give up their positions for many years. When it comes to marble, it is worth choosing light and dark options, there should not be any colorful solutions here. This also applies to freestanding baths like in the Aquatica catalog – Special attention should be paid to washbasins made of tinted transparent glass – this is a real hit.

You can also choose hybrid models that combine two different materials. For example, wood and glass or stone and glass. They will look very fresh and stylish.

As for the surface, it can be smooth and rough. Each option has its pros and cons, namely: a rough surface is less prone to scratches, but a smooth surface provides resistance to various dirt and prevents the growth of pathogens.


White is still the most popular choice for sinks. However, now, black is being added to it – this will look especially advantageous in bathrooms with light interiors. Both white and black basins can fit a calm and neutral palette that will prevail in designs in 2022: beige and brown, muted green and blue, white, etc.


Depending on the size of the room and your taste preferences, you can choose from different installation options. Among the most popular ones are the following: wall mounted, drop-in, pedestal, undermount and vanity sinks.


The size and depth of the sink can be very different – it all depends on the size of your bathroom, the shape of the sink, and the type of installation you choose. Ceramic manufacturers recommend to pay attention to the sloping edges, which gradually deepen towards the middle. This design ensures less splash around the sink and allows enough water to be drawn into it for various procedures.

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