Government to unveil $270b defence spending plan

The nation's military defence assets will soon be bolstered by long-range anti-ship missiles made in the United States as part of a $270 billion plan aimed at "protecting and building Australia's future".

9News understands a strategic review of the threats in Australia's geographic region and the federal government's Defence 2020 Force Structure Plan are set to be handed down on Wednesday.

The plan is expected to detail how Australia's defence force will use the huge amount of money over the coming decade to increase the country's military protection amid growing competition in the Indo-Pacific between the likes of the US and China.

Part of the spend will also focus on cyberspace and how Australia can protect itself from online threats.

The Coalition will look to put $1.3b towards disrupting offshore cybercrime, improving intelligence sharing between government and industry, building better technology and increasing the cyber warrior workforce by 500 members.

"To ensure that we've got the people, we've got the technology, we've got the research and we've got the platforms to be able to combat these very serious and growing threats," Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

Defence Minister Linda Reynolds also said those threats extend far beyond theft and espionage to include aspects of cyber warfare that could disable Australia's electricity grids and air traffic control systems.

"There are many malicious cyber actors active globally and here in Australia," she said.

"This is part of a much larger investment in defence, cyber and information warfare – a $15b package."

Source: 9News

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