Blizzard have outlined some reputation changes coming to Zereth Mortis and patch 9.2, specifically regarding rares who are getting lower rep gains, with other sources getting buffed to compensate. 

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This principle is a good one. People shouldn’t feel like they need to play every day and people shouldn’t feel like when they play, the incentives don’t steer people towards the fun. So yeah, we hear the community concerns with overweighting rares. When rares constitute the lion’s share of the total rep that you can get in a day, that can create a sense of obligation to pursue them all. Since there are so many, this turns the daily acquisition of rep into a time-consuming process rather than something you can target and complete (or mostly complete) in a reasonable play session. We want rares to feel like a bonus rather than an obligation, so the reputation earned from rares is being decreased from 15 or 30 rep each to 10 or 15 rep each.

Along with that change, because we don’t want to reduce the total incoming rep, we’re increasing the reputation of other sources to compensate: world quests will award 125 instead of 100; Antros, the world boss, will award 500 instead of 250; and the twice-weekly quest “Patterns Within Patterns” will award 500 instead up 250. The net effect of this is that this will be a small increase in the total potential rep gain each day, and rares will take up a much lower proportion of those gains. This will allow players to feel like they can be done for the day earlier without significant long-term cost, while still allowing those players who want to push harder some incentive to do so.

Players who feel the need to reach Revered by week 5 and get the legendary memory as soon as Chapter 7 ends should now be able to rest assured. Even without killing a single rare, it should be comfortably achievable to reach that level in that timeframe.

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