Blizzard recently pushed two encrypted Overwatch 2 builds to the CDN. Will Overwatch 2 testing begin soon?

The first build of Overwatch 2 was an update from Patch 1.68 to 2.00.7. It was spotted today.

(us) BuildConfig: 43df11a → 6bd038b

(us) CDNConfig: 650d696 → f1ca2bb

(us) BuildId: 90630 → 93195!

(us) VersionsName: →!

The second encrypted build was pushed today as well. The build number went up from 93195 to 93221 just a few hours ago.

(us) BuildConfig: 6bd038b → aaf7523

(us) CDNConfig: f1ca2bb → 623629b

(us) BuildId: 93195 → 93221!

(us) VersionsName: →!

Do you think we'll see an Overwatch 2 Beta this month? Don't forget that Mike Ybarra talked about an Overwatch announcement coming soon.

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