Primordial Stones are powerful gems that can be socketed into Onyx Annulet Onyx Annulet, a new BiS ring coming in Patch 10.0.7. Check out the effects they provide!

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How to Obtain the Onyx Annulet Ring in Patch 10.0.7

You'll receive the Onyx Annulet Onyx Annulet ring from a quest inside the Zskera Vaults. It comes with 3 sockets intended for Primordial Stones.


How to Obtain Primordial Stones in Patch 10.0.7

Primordial Stones are Unique-Equipped gems dropping in the Zskera Vaults. They come with powerful effects that you socket into the Onyx Annulet Onyx Annulet.

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Primal Stones Effects in Patch 10.0.7

Currently, we've got 25 Primordial Stones in the game with the following effects that have been updated in Patch 10.0.7 Build 47983 as follows:

  • Cold Frost Stone Cold Frost Stone Gain Frost armor every 20 sec that absorbs 33,689 damage and slows melee attackers by 20%.
  • Deluging Water Stone Deluging Water Stone - Abilities have a chance to drench a nearby ally, healing them for 4,334 over until cancelled.
  • Desirous Blood Stone Desirous Blood Stone - Dealing damage has a chance to drain life, healing and dealing 12,127 Shadow damage.
  • Echoing Thunder Stone Echoing Thunder Stone - Moving starts to build an electrical charge, causing your next damaging ability to also deal 14,437 Nature damage.
  • Entropic Fel Stone Entropic Fel Stone - Fire damage dealt by Primordial Stones is increased by 60%, and now Chaos damage.
  • Exuding Steam Stone Exuding Steam Stone - Receiving heals has a chance to exude cold steam, restoring 12,039 health to yourself and 2 nearby allies.
  • Flame Licked Stone Flame Licked Stone - Dealing damage has a chance to set the enemy on fire, dealing 2,475 Fire damage over 7 sec.
  • Freezing Ice Stone Freezing Ice Stone - Dealing damage has a chance to chill the enemy, dealing 16,171 Frost damage and slowing them by 30%.
  • Gleaming Iron Stone Gleaming Iron Stone - Standing still for 3 seconds in combat steels yourself, absorbing 25,267 damage and increasing autoattack damage by 305 for 12 sec.
  • Harmonic Music Stone Harmonic Music Stone - Entering combat increases the tertiary stats of you and 4 nearby allies by 364 for 8 sec.
  • Humming Arcane Stone Humming Arcane Stone - Dealing Magic damage has a chance to fire Arcane missiles for each Primordial Stone family you have equipped.
  • Indomitable Earth Stone Indomitable Earth Stone - Taking damage has a chance to shield yourself, absorbing 50,533 damage for 12 sec.
  • Necromantic Death Stone Necromantic Death Stone - Passing a corpse grants the Blood, Frost, and Unholy Primordial Stone effects for 45 sec.
  • Obscure Pastel Stone Obscure Pastel Stone - Spells and abilities have a chance to cast a random Primordial Stone effect.
  • Pestilent Plague Stone Pestilent Plague Stone - Dealing damage has a chance to infect the target with a spreading plague, dealing 1,069 Nature damage over until cancelled.
  • Prodigious Sand Stone Prodigious Sand Stone - No effect yet.
  • Prophetic Twilight Stone Prophetic Twilight Stone - Damaging effects from your Primordial Stones trigger your healing effects, and vice versa.
  • Raging Magma Stone Raging Magma Stone - Absorbing damage has a chance to coat you in lava, causing melee attackers to take 2,406 Fire damage for 6 sec.
  • Searing Smokey Stone Searing Smokey Stone - Successful interrupts exhale smoke, dealing 8,021 Fire damage to enemies within a 8yd cone in front of you.
  • Shining Obsidian Stone Shining Obsidian Stone - Gaining an absorb shield from a Primordial Stone erupts the ground, dealing 17,188 Physical damage to enemies within 5 yd.
  • Sparkling Mana Stone Sparkling Mana Stone - Frost effects from Primordial Stones restore 993 mana over 3 sec.
  • Storm Infused Stone Storm Infused Stone - Critically striking an enemy has a chance to shock them and 2 nearby enemies, dealing 9,300 Nature damage.
  • Swirling Mojo Stone Swirling Mojo Stone - Being near a dying creature saps a portion of their mojo, and eventually crystallizes it.
  • Wild Spirit Stone Wild Spirit Stone - Nature and healing effects from Primordial Stones restore 10,647 health of 5 nearby allies over 7 sec.
  • Wind Sculpted Stone Wind Sculpted Stone - Moving rallies the wind to your side, granting 165 Speed stacking up to 5 times.

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