Fated is a new raid affix introduced in Shadowlands Season 4. It will be active in a different Shadowlands raid each week, resulting in loot drops being upgraded to a higher item level.

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The Adventure Guide shows you which raid is currently tagged as Fated. That raid will come with a special affix and offer better loot from the remaining Shadowlands raids The affix introduces something called Fated Powers.

It's important to note that Fated also applies to LFR.


Now, let's look at Fated Powers in more detail. Currently, we were able to datamine 4 Fated Powers that will be active in a Fated raid of the week.

Fated Powers

  • Fated Power: Chaotic Essence Fated Power: Chaotic Essence - Summons a Chaotic Essence which casts Chaotic Destruction, inflicting 800 Cosmic damage to all players if successful. Upon interaction, the essence becomes hostile and instead continuously manifests Chaotic Motes. These motes channel 2 Cosmic damage into targeted players every 0.5 sec. for 3 sec. When defeated each mote splits into additional motes. After 15 sec the Chaotic Essence dissipates, granting all players 2% increased damage done, 2% increased healing done, and 2% absorbs done for 30 sec. This effect stacks for each Chaotic Mote slain.
  • Fated Power: Protoform Barrier Fated Power: Protoform Barrier - Protects the caster, reducing damage taken by 5% for 15 sec. This effect stacks every 1 sec. Upon removal this barrier manifests as an attackable enemy, sharing a 1,400 absorb shield with all other enemies for 15 sec. Upon expiration the barrier shatters, inflicting 80 Cosmic damage to all players. If broken this effect backfires, inflicting all damage done to each enemy during the barrier as Cosmic damage, and additionally grants all players 10%-20% increased damage done for 20 sec.
  • Fated Power: Reconfiguration Emitter Fated Power: Reconfiguration Emitter - Taints a player, inflicting 15 Cosmic damage every 1 sec. for 15 sec. Upon removal this power manifests as an attackable enemy, which continuously casts. Successful casts inflict 40 Cosmic damage to all players. While present the caster grants all players 5% increased damage done, 15% increased damage taken, and 15% increased healing done. This effect is disabled while the caster is unable to act.
  • Fated Power: Replicating Essence Fated Power: Replicating Essence - Ensnares afflicted players, reducing movement speed by 15% and inflicting 15 Cosmic damage every 1 sec. for 5 sec. Upon removal this essence patterns itself as 2/4 attackable enemies, which continuously channels 2 Cosmic damage every 0.5 sec. into targeted players for 4 sec. Upon defeat grants all players 10% increased damage done and 10% increased healing and absorbs done for 10 sec. Upon reaching full power, this essence replicates itself into 2 |4additional copy:additional copies;, exhausting itself preventing additional replication and no longer grants players any beneficial effects upon defeat. Exhausted Essences continuously channels 5 Cosmic damage every 1 sec. into multiple targeted players for 4 sec.

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