We've seen quite a few of these "fastest" builds for low level characters, and now it seems the set might be complete, as we have the fastest punches (with a weaponless Paladin), the fastest claws (with a Feral Druid), and now an actually armed Rogue!

These are all Exehn's little experiments in Burning Crusade Classic, with level 10 and under characters and today we have a Rogue hit the Haste cap on weapons, as he reached 500% and an attack speed of 0.25. Interestingly, the Druid actually hit 520% Haste, but the base attack speed was higher so he "only" got 0.4 AS, while the fist-using Paladin got faster attacks at 0.2 AS but with less Haste. Technically the Rogue was also using his fists, but that's only due to the Brass Knuckles first weapons equipped!

You can check out the gear used over here (in addition to the World buffs and consumables).

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