The Creation Catalyst was enabled for testing this week on the 9.2 PTR. In this post, we're taking a closer look at how to convert non-set items into Class Tier Sets in Patch 9.2.

Creation Catalyst Location

Note that Creation Catalyst will be enabled during the eighth week of Patch 9.2. Currently, on the PTR you must visit the Catalyst Gardens in Zereth Mortis to convert items. The console is located in the following stone tower. You can reach it even without having flying unlocked.


Simply, visit the location highlighted on the map and walk into the geyser.


This will take you up the tower where General Draven and the console are located.

Creation Catalyst Console 

The console is located at the top of the tower inside the tower.


You can talk to General Draven again to exit this area.


Creation Catalyst Interface

The Creation Catalyst interface is really simple. There are two slots. You must first insert a Season 3 non-set item from Mythic+, Rated PvP, or the Sepulcher of the First Ones into the first slot. The second slot shows you the converted set item. Here, I tried to upgrade a PvP non-set item into a Class Tier Set piece.


Note that the new "set item" has the same item level as the consumed non-set item and is even upgradable (rank 8/9). The increased item level in PvP has also been transferred to the converted set item.


Class Tier Set Conversion Costs

You can't convert items for free. If you want to convert an item into a Class Tier Set piece, you will need Cosmic Flux, a new currency used for upgrading Legendary items in Patch 9.2. You can get it from participating in Season 3 content.

How much Cosmic Flux the conversion costs depends on the slot you want to upgrade.

  • Converting Helm, Chest, Legs to Class Tier Sets costs 1,500 Cosmic Flux.
  • Converting Shoulder/Gloves costs 1,200 Cosmic Flux.

Creation Catalyst FAQ

Blizzard has posted an article with more clarifications about how Creation Catalyst works in Eternity's End. 

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