Team Thoughts Per Second has reported a kill for the final boss of Pandaemonium: Asphodelos (Savage)!

No other teams have reported a kill for the tier's last boss, meaning TPS has won the world race once again! The team previously won the world race for both The Epic of Alexander (TEA)  and Eden's Promise (Savage).

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The winning team includes the following members:

Dark Knight: Sindalf Sindalf

Gunbreaker: Super Peasant

Astrologian: Ara Hoshizora

Scholar: Kiona Lynaer

Reaper: Shina Florem

Bard: Phantom Assassin

Black Mage: Sfia Pirion

Red Mage: Mtlol Qt

Ninth Member: Clees Wheatbuns

Congratulations to Thoughts Per Second!

All reported rankings can be found on MogTalk's website.

Throughout the day, the Final Fantasy XIV community raised over $26,000 for Extra Life! The event is still ongoing, and those wishing to contribute to the cause can find the race's Extra Life page here.

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