Blizzard today revealed the release date of Patch 9.2 and with it, the ongoing Shadowlands Season 2 is ending on February 21!

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Greetings Champions.

The end of Shadowlands Season 2 is around the corner, here’s what to expect:

Shadowlands Season 2: PvP

  • The current season of Shadowlands PvP content will end at 10:00 p.m. the night before maintenance in each region (February 21 at 10:00 p.m. PST for North America realms / 22 February at 22:00 CET for European realms).
  • With the season’s end, it will no longer be possible to earn PvP seasonal rewards, titles, or Shadowlands Season 2 rankings.

Shadowlands Season 2: Mythic+

  • The current season of Mythic+ content will end with the start of regional maintenance on February 22. With the season’s end, ratings that qualify for the 0.1% “Tormented Hero” title and achievement will be recorded.
  • “Tormented Hero” will be rewarded during the following weeks after the season ends, so be sure not to change factions until after you have received the title.

For one week following the end-of-season, we will have an off-season. Once the off-season ends, Shadowlands Season 3 will begin on the week of March 1 with the weekly reset in each region.

PvP Off-season

  • Players can still queue for rated PvP and earn appropriate rewards, but the PvP leaderboards will be locked.

Mythic+ Off-season

  • Mythic+ dungeons will still be playable using Season 2 affixes and rewards. Mythic+ Ratings can still be accumulated, and the seasonal achievements will still be available – except for the 0.1% “Tormented Hero” title and achievement.

Good luck battling to a glorious finish of the season!

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