Blackwing Lair is now accessible on Season of Mastery realms. Check out our new guides to get started!

Season of Mastery Guides

Below, you will find links to our Season of Mastery guides.

Season of Mastery Intro Guides

If you're new to Season of Mastery, you might want to check out our Season of Mastery Overview and Soul of Iron Guide.

Phase 3 Guides

Blizzard added new mechanics to Blackwing Lair in the Season of Mastery. Darkmoon Faire has also been added as part of Phase 3.

Raid and World Boss Guides

Below is a list of guides for older raids and world bosses.

Weapon Guides

Here are some important Season of Mastery weapon guides.

Season of Mastery Phase 3 Gear Pages

New gear has become available with the opening of Blackwing Lair on Season of Mastery realms. Our writers have been hard at work updating our gear pages for Phase 3.

Season of Mastery Rankings

We've ranked all specializations based on how they perform in Season of Mastery and here are the rankings.

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