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Sanctum of Domination Raid Boss 1-Shot Kill With 245000% Damage Boost

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Well, it’s time for some truly spectacular raid boss action, as Rextroy has a really special one for us today! And this isn’t some older boss either, or even one of the first few – no, we’re getting the Remnant of Ner’zhul, the 4th/5th out of…


Well, it's time for some truly spectacular raid boss action, as Rextroy has a really special one for us today! And this isn't some older boss either, or even one of the first few - no, we're getting the Remnant of Ner'zhul, the 4th/5th out of 10 bosses in the current raid!

With Rextroy you might expect a lot of crazy interactions going on, but this time it's a pretty "simple one", a 245,000% damage boost he managed to find while looking for another PvP 1-shot. A pretty big bug with the Insatiable Hunger Insatiable Hunger DK legendary makes it all possible, as it allows you to stack its damage buff infinitely - or at least it did as it's already been fixed. It still took quite a bit of work to get an actual raid boss down, however, requiring using Proving Grounds to make the buff stack faster, and spending 5-6 hours getting the numbers high enough (even with a special haste set designed to gather Runic Power as fast as possible), with any mistake meaning having to start from the start. But in the end it was all worth it to see a current 4th/5th raid boss instantly die!

Poor Ner'zhul - hasn't he been through enough already? If you're just looking for the fateful moment, it's at 7:28.

And here's the full explanation:

Background: This is probably one of the most broken bugs I have discovered, atleast recently... It is a bug with Insatiable Hunger Insatiable Hunger, the Venthyr legendary for Death Knights.

This legendary makes your Swarming Mist Swarming Mist explode at the end, for damage depending on how much runic power you spent while it was active. A thing I discovered after playing around with it, is that if you remove the legendary before Swarming Mist Swarming Mist expires, the explosion never happens. But you will keep the damage buff on the ability. This means you can stack up the damage, and delay the explosion until you want it to go off!

I wanted to do it against a raid boss, but it would take a very long time to stack it up (8-10 hours) even if I used benefits such as the Overflowing Chalice Overflowing Chalice. I ultimately decided to go for it, and went into Proving Grounds since it is the perfect location where I can be alone (so no one interferes). I can also reset all my cooldowns on demand, which speeds up the process considerably! I had a specific haste set to stack it up as efficient as possible against the bronze DPS challenge. The time I stacked was about 5-6 hours total.

It was quite horrifying since a single mistake of being being too slow to unequip the legendary, or server lag, or random stuck in combat bug, would make it explode and all progress would be lost! I had some additional DMG modifers such as Fatal Flaw Fatal Flaw that I played around, but ultimately I didn't need it since the DMG was 25% overkill. I had some friends join me to help with the trash mobs! I also had them battle the boss, just incase I needed the additional DMG boost from DH 5% magic debuff, or blessing of summer.

If you wonder if it was soloable? It definitely was, I could use a cancelaura macro to make it explode instantly, like I did against my friend CarlosMatos in a duel!

Important note: The bug is fixed, reported it right after one shotting the boss and it was solved surprisingly fast Special thanks to everyone for helping me out! 

Oh and btw, don't mind my friend Panic saying he want to abuse it for glad, he was definitely joking and is a real honorable guy!... I think

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