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Patch 9.2 PTR Development Notes: February 2nd

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Blizzard just posted development notes for this week’s Patch 9.2 build. The latest changes include further set bonus tuning, class changes, and skinning rule adjustments.


Hiya! Here are this week’s changes to the PTR:


Blizzard just posted development notes for this week's Patch 9.2 build. The latest changes include further set bonus tuning, class changes, and skinning rule adjustments.

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Hiya! Here are this week’s changes to the PTR:


  • Fixed an issue where male Night Elf Death Knights were unable to select the 3 newest face options.


  • Death Knight
    • Fixed an issue with Killing Machine that caused it to trigger less often than intended while Dual Wielding.
    • Class Sets
      • Unholy
        • 4-piece: Soul Reaper now grants 25% damage (was 20%) from minions below 35% health.
  • Demon Hunter
    • Sinful Brand (Venthyr Ability) can no longer be overwritten by a lower duration Sinful Brand when applied via Metamorphosis.
  • Druid
    • Kindred Affinity’s (Kyrian Runecarving Power) stat bonus for the Druid reduced to 6% (was 8%) and the stat bonus for their partner reduced to 3% (was 8%).
    • Class Sets
      • Feral
        • 4-piece: Now deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.
  • Hunter
    • Class Sets
      • Survival
        • Fixed several issues that caused the damage from the set bonuses to be higher than intended.
  • Monk
    • Bonedust Brew’s (Necrolord Ability) damage and healing effectiveness has been increased to 40% (was 35%) and the ability can no longer critically strike.
    • Sinister Teachings (Venthyr Runecarving Power) now reduces the cooldown of Fallen Order by 2.5 seconds when you critically strike (was 5 seconds).
  • Priest
    • Pallid Command’s (Necrolord Runecarving Power) Rattling Mage’s Unholy Bolt damage has been reduced by 40%, and Brooding Cleric’s Stitch Wounds healing has been reduced by 5%.
    • Holy
      • Holy Word: Serenity mana cost reduced to 2.5% (was 4%).
      • Holy Word: Sanctify mana cost reduced to 3.5% (was 5%).
      • Afterlife (Talent) now has an additional effect – As a Spirit of Redemption, you may cast Resurrection, which ends the Spirit of Redemption. Afterlife’s Resurrection cast time is 6 seconds and Afterlife now prevents combat resurrections on the Priest for 30 seconds after using Resurrection.
    • Class Sets
      • Shadow
        • 4-piece: Your Shadow’s Torment Mind damage has been reduced by 40%.
  • Rogue
    • Class Sets
      • Outlaw
        • 4-piece: Pistol Shot has a 100% chance to grant a Hidden Bullet (was 50%). At 6 Bullets, your next Pistol Shot fires a free Between the Eyes as though 6 combo points were spent.
      • Subtlety
        • 2-piece: Shadowstrike has a 15% chance to grant Shadow Blades for 5 seconds (was 20%).
        • 4-piece: Your finishing moves have a 3% chance per combo point spent to cast Shadowstrike at up to 5 nearby targets (was 4%).
  • Shaman
    • Elysian Dirge’s (Conduit) recent change has been reverted back to increasing Vesper Totem’s effectiveness by 60–100% based on item level (was 123–212%).
    • Enhancement
      • Lava Lash mana cost reduced to 0.8% base mana (was 4%).
      • Crash Lightning mana cost reduced to 1% base mana (was 5.5%).
      • Fire Nova mana cost reduced to 1% base mana (was 5.5%).
      • Windfury Totem mana cost reduced to 1.5% base mana (was 12%).
  • Warrior
    • Class Sets
      • Fury
        • 4-piece: Now appropriately grants Crushing Blow and Bloodbath when Reckless Abandon is talented, and no longer grants 50 Rage when Recklessness triggers while Reckless Abandon is talented.
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  • Toys that change your weapon’s appearance now correctly show your original enchant or illusion enchant on the new weapon.


  • Many skinnable, mineable, and gatherable enemies can now be skinned, mined, and gathered by all the players who engaged with the enemy and have the correct gathering skill.
    • Developers’ note: In order to help make “skinning” (skinning, mining, and herb gathering of enemies) a more group friendly experience, we have adjusted skinning rules. The majority of “skinnable” enemies will now following the normal tapping rules, and be skinnable by everyone who engaged with them and has the ability to skin them. Some weaker and very specific enemies can still only be skinned once, while some rare and powerful enemies will be skinnable by everyone who engages them and is capable.


  • Arena groups in Group Finder now show their party members’ specialization in the mouseover tooltip.
  • Mythic+ Rating chat links now also show the player’s highest rating from a previous season.
  • The quest log now displays a clock icon next to quests that have a time remaining counter.
  • The gold, silver, and copper coin icons have been adjusted to have more contrast from each other and the background.

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