Update: the Jailer's missiles were updated to say 17 instead of 15.
The hotfixes never stop! The Jailer gets some nerfs, there's more ways to get Soul Cinders and Ash and there's even some BCC fixes!

Blizzard LogoMarch 24 (Source)

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • The Jailer
      • Fixed an issue with Desolation's spell description in the Dungeon Journal on Mythic difficulty that caused it to display an incorrect amount of damage inflicted to Azeroth by unblocked missiles.
      • Reduced the number of missiles fired by Desolation in Mythic difficult from 20 to 17.
      • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause Chains of Anguish to pull players who had already broken their chains.

Items and Rewards

  • New Item: Bag of Explored Souls – Contains 1650 Soul Cinders and 5150 Soul Ash. Requirements: 3000 Cosmic Flux and Honored with the Enlightened. Available at Vilo (Enlightened Quartermaster).
  • Players can now purchase additional Spatial Openers from Olea Manu if they have not already earned the "Sand, Sand Everywhere!" achievement.
  • Players may no longer use Protoform Synthesis to craft mounts if the mount is already in the player's mount journal. As a consequence, the Pale Regal Cervid recipe is now hidden until unlocked via the achievement.

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Shadowmoon Valley
    • Fixed an issue where the Dragonmaw Illusion could persist upon leaving Netherwing Ledge.

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