With so many servers having very large queues at peak times, even before the free to play version launch, many players may be worried about what happens if their game crashes or they lose their internet connection. While there isn't a definitive and official statement on this, players including myself have experienced a "crash queue prevention" and I wanted to go into it and possibly put people's minds at ease. Short story: there should be crash queue prevention in place as it is present on Korean and Russian clients, but you have to log in within 10 minutes of a crash.

This has been experienced by multiple players but I can only be 100% certain of what happened to me specifically: after a game freeze which lead to me having to close it via task manager, I was preparing for the dreaded EU peak time queue of about 7,000 on my server. However, once I re-launched the game I was instantly placed on my character screen without any queue at all. Having checked with a friend who was at the same time sitting in a 7K queue on the server, I decided to ask others on the Lost Ark reddit about their experiences, and received some great information from ekdud, who was familiar with the system from the other game versions:

Apparently this is the way it works on Korean and Russian clients, so it makes sense the same should be true for the Western version. I also tested this by simply alt + f4ing out of the game, without a crash, but unfortunately there isn't a queue on the server at the moment so I can't be sure if it would work for that situation as well. Some players are reporting that this is not 100% consistent, so we can't be completely sure if it's working properly, but there are many with stories like the one below from launch day:


Hopefully this information puts some players' minds at ease and you can play a little more relaxed and not fearful of crashes or internet outages!

Source: News Latest Topics https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/64164-lost-ark-queue-skip-game-crash-protection/

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