In preparation for tomorrow's free to play launch, Amazon Games will be blocking new character creation for players on specific highly populated servers where they don't already have a character in order to limit queues. If you already have a character on a server you will be able to create as many as you want there. Amazon are also opening new servers and will be opening more tomorrow.

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Today at 1:45 PM PT (9:45 PM UTC) we will be limiting the creation of characters by new players on servers that have extensive queue times. If you already have a character on one of these servers, you will still be able create additional characters for your Roster, but new players will not be able to join or create characters.

The following servers will have character creation limits put in place:

NA West

NA East

EU Central

This character creation limit will remain in place for the foreseeable future, and we will provide an update when it is eventually removed.

When this happens today, we will immediately be opening the following new servers for players:

EU Central

NA East

Though these servers are opening now, additional servers (not listed) will also be rolling out ahead of our full launch tomorrow.

While we have been excited to see the amazing response and support surrounding Lost Ark’s Head Start, we know that the server and queue situation has been frustrating for many players. Our team is actively working to help mitigate these issues ahead of our free-to-play launch on Friday. While limiting character creation and opening new servers is just one small part of addressing this complex situation, we will have additional information about the multiple steps we are taking available for players later today. We appreciate your patience while we work to address this situation.

Source: News Latest Topics https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/64158-lost-ark-new-character-creation-locks-to-combat-server-queues-and-new-servers/

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