The preliminary Lost Ark launch has gone quite well (decryption and queue issues notwithstanding), as a huge amount of players descended on Arkesia, all of them having paid for at least one of the Founder's Packs (and many having bought several)!

Lost Ark is already the No.3 game in the SteamDB charts, clocking in at a staggering 532,476 concurrent players after just one day, and well before the free to play period! Interestingly, the Korean Lost Ark game director said he'd be happy with 200,000 concurrent players, so we definitely beat his expectations!


This also places the game in the No.6 spot of the most concurrent users all time peak, just under New World. The numbers are sure to go up, possibly even before Friday's free to play launch, and especially during the weekend, so we'll keep you posted!

The other big milestone the game passed was 1 million twitch viewers, topping out at over 1.3 million!


The servers have also received increased population caps and several more new ones were added, so at least for the time being (pre-free to play), everything seems to be at least somewhat stable, although we'll see how the queues are this afternoon/evening. The game is clearly a hit, and we can only imagine how high it will go once the free to play version arrives.

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