Amazon have just announced the official/free to play launch of Lost Ark has been delayed and will be enabled in "a matter of hours". The impact of all players, both the new free to play incoming ones and all the Founders trying to get into the game at once when Amazon re-enable it will be... interesting. The servers have been under maintenance for 4 hours before the launch to deploy hotfixes and prepare for launch, but it seems something went wrong.

Meanwhile, as we wait for the game to return, you can head on over here and check out some pretty funny memes, featuring lots of launch/delay, mokoko and more images!

Amazon LogoLaunch Delay (Source)

Heroes of Arkesia,

Due to deployment issues the Lost Ark launch is unfortunately delayed. We hope to have this resolved in a matter of hours, and we appreciate your patience. We want your time in Arkesia to be a great experience and we’re working hard to get Lost Ark live as soon as possible. Stay tuned to our social media and website for updates.

Here’s where you can find us:

Thank you for your patience and support.

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