With Lost Ark's head start only about a day away, we decided to share some of our guides with you! The majority of them aren't quite ready yet, so we're going to start with some islands, as DonTheCrown takes us through 12 of them, with many more to come (both islands and guides)!

There's plenty to do on the islands, as we cover the cooperative quests/events, collectibles, secrets, how to get the island token/heart, as well as anything else notable for the location (like life skill nodes and similar), and of course those all-important daily quests. Here are the islands we have covered so far, with Frost Haven being my personal favorite, although that's more due to my hype for an unrelated boardgame (although that should be offset by Icy Legoros always jumping on my head during the raid, so never mind, chicken island it is)!

Limited Time Islands

We'll be back with many more guides on the giant amount of content Lost Ark has to offer, as well as a lot of news coverage!

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