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How To Play Craps -A Guide For Beginners

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Craps is a dice game played in casinos that includes a lot of activity and skill, both with cash and with the rolls. To learn the game casino craps, a player must first learn who works at the craps table and where they are. There are usually three people on a craps table: the dealer, the box guy, and the stick guy. Craps is undoubtedly one of the most common dice games in casinos like the best AU online casinos today. Therefore, this game is popular among many people.


Fundamentals About Playing Craps


The craps table is overseen by the box person, the match’s direct boss. The overseer is also in control of the chips and is responsible for resolving any issues between the dealer and the participants.

The second base dealer gets located to the right of the box person. So every craps player is on second base on that side of the game.

The third base dealer is the one on the left. On the third base would be any craps player on just that side of things.

The stick person is the individual who moves the dice around with a long-hooked stick. The stick person sits opposite the box person in the table’s center.


Why Are Craps So Popular?


Craps is a famous game in any casino, both offline and online. Craps is a straightforward betting game. It is most likely one of the factors for the game’s popularity.

You should be aware that easy games attract more players because they do not require much time to understand the game. Craps at a casino are contested against the house, whereas craps on the street get contested against other participants. When playing craps, you should be aware of this distinction.

Another explanation why craps are so famous is because it is simple to play. Casino games that are easy to play are also popular.


A Beginner’s Guide for Playing Craps 

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Craps is a traditional casino game for newcomers since the regulations are simple to understand and the game is enjoyable to play. However, some guidelines are there that you should be aware of.



The Different Types of Craps Bets


The most common bets among novices are the pass line and don’t pass wagers. So it is because these wagers are straightforward and offer greater odds than other wagering options. 



This bet is identical to the pass line bet; however, you make a’ come bet after setting a point and a come-out roll.’ You win the wager if you get a 7 or an 11 on the dice. As a result, you lose if any of the craps digits (2, 3, or 12) get hit. If any other figure gets thrown, it gets designated as the ‘come-point.’


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The bet is comparable to the ‘don’t pass line bet’ and is the absolute opposite of the come wager. The bet also gets placed following the come-out roll. On a spin of 7 or 11, you lose the stake. On the other hand, you win if a 2 or 3 is struck. A roll of 12 is considered a tie or a push, with no winner or loser. Your bets get returned to you.



This wager can get used to supplement any of the bets mentioned above kinds. ‘Taking odds’ refers to an odds wager on the pass line and come bet.



After a come-out roll, you can make these types of bets. In addition, the digits 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are available to bet on.



Standing at the craps table for the first time can be scary. There are a plethora of wagers to be made and a new language to learn! However, if you’ve read this far, you’re already familiar with the basics of the game. You can learn more from several online casinos, but nothing like Betsquare. You can read full review at

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