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Everything New in Patch 9.2 Build 41827

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A recap of everything new that went live on the 9.2 PTR in Build #41827.

Patch 9.2 Build 41827 Class Changes

Class changes continue with Covenant Ability and Tier Set Bonus changes. We’ve summarized them all in a single post.



A recap of everything new that went live on the 9.2 PTR in Build #41827.


Patch 9.2 Build 41827 Class Changes

Class changes continue with Covenant Ability and Tier Set Bonus changes. We've summarized them all in a single post.

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Everything You Need to Know About Wearing 2 Legendaries in Patch 9.2

The latest 9.2 PTR update introduces wearing 2 legendaries at once. The system is gated behind reaching Revered with the new 9.2 faction.

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New Conduit Item: Vessel of Profound Possibilities

Blizzard added a new Conduit item to the game on the 9.2 PTR. It teaches you all Conduits and raises their item level to 278.

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Possible Fate of the Jailer in Patch 9.2

Blizzard has updated Zovaal's death animation in Build 41827. We discussed his potential fate in a post full of spoilers.

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Interesting Loot from the Jailer

We've also summarized all interesting loot that drops from the Jailer in the Sepulcher raid.

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New Cinematic Character Models

The Arbiter, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Tyrande Whisperwind received new cinematic models in the latest build.

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9.2 World Boss Loot Table Unveiled

The latest 9.2 build revealed loot that drops from the new 9.2 boss located in Zereth Mortis.

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A List of BoE Items from the 9.2 Sepulcher Raid

Mythic raiders will definitely appreciate a list of BoEs that drop from the Sepulcher raid in Eternity's End.

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New Shoulder Enchants

We've datamined some new shoulder enchants that were added on the 9.2 PTR. They are placeholder versions of the MoP shoulder enchants and will likely be changed in the next 9.2 PTR update.

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Hall of Fame Title for Defeating Mythic Jailer Changed

Blizzard has changed the title given to players that defeat the Jailer and earn their place in the Mythic Hall of Fame.

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Tier Set Pieces Drop Directly from Bosses in 9.2

There will be no tokens in the 9.2 raid. Instead, the tier pieces drop directly from the individual bosses.

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New Shaman Ghost Wolf Forms

Shamans received 2 new Ghost Wolf forms recently. The new forms became available for testing on the 9.2 PTR this week.

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Zereth Mortis Weekly Quest

The Zereth Mortis weekly quest has been updated and we've looked at its rewards.

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Zereth Mortis Catch-Up Gear

Players will be able to buy item level 246 gear from the Zereth Mortis vendor Elder Rafiq in Patch 9.2. This week's build added all items that we previewed in a separate post.

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Heartbond Lupine Mount Preview

9.2 Build 41827 adds a new mount to the game that can be crafted through Protoform Synthesis.

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Finally, we include MrGM's preview of everything new in the latest update that wasn't mentioned in this post.

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