This week’s Dragonflight Beta build adds Dracthyr Evoker racial mounts to the game. They are called Vorquin and can be purchased in the Dracthyr starting area.

The mounts are sold by Treysh and cost 40 gold each. We have 4 color variations and they all come with the following flavor text: “Respected for their resilience in battle, even against dragonfire, these noble beasts are the prized mounts of the dracthyr cavalry.”

Bronze Vorquin Bronze Vorquin

bronze vorquin.jpg

Crimson Vorquin Crimson Vorquin

crimson vorquin.jpg

Obsidian Vorquin Obsidian Vorquin

obsidian vorquin.jpg

Sapphire Vorquin Sapphire Vorquin

sapphire vorquin.jpg

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