Amazon Games have been responding to various issues that are cropping up, from the massive one that is server queues, to some beneficial bugs such as players receiving double their Platinum Packs/twitch drops and worrying that action will be taken against their accounts, names being usable after deletion and more!

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On Platinum Founder's packs being delivered twice to the same account, as well as the same issue for twitch drops.

Thanks, this is being worked on now. For those that are fearing action taken against their accounts, we are aware that this is a bug and will not be punishing those who who were affected
Platinum skin is an exclusive color, so is not intended to be dyeable

On server queues and people having locked in their Founder's Packs on said servers.

Yes, I absolutely understand the issue and frustration for players who have already redeemed Founder’s Packs, and we talking with the team to see what possible avenues we might have to address this. In the meantime, I just want to clarify that continuing to increase pop caps is not a viable solution, and encourage any new players who have not encountered this issue (or other cases that tie them to a heavily populated server) to consider making a different server their primary base.
This is helpful, thanks. I am genuinely trying to understand the factors in this situation. I think having opened your Founder’s Packs and then not being able to login is 100% a valid issue and I’ll discuss with the team. I also hear the complaint that folks want guidance on where to go based on language. They don’t want to be one a server where the dominant language is not theirs.For folks who only have one server option due to your friends not being willing to move for you, there isn’t likely anything we can do.

On players reporting being able to reuse deleted names if the character is unplayed/hasn't picked an advanced class.

As far as I’m aware this is not the intended behavior, so even if it is happening I do not want to guarantee or confirm it. I can do some more digging into the topic. Currently, deleted character names should no longer be available until they are manually released.

On male and female Strikers/Wardancers receiving the opposite gender's items.
We are working on a potential fix for this now, and will let players know when it is ready. Thanks for the reports on this!
The team is working on a fix, I cannot give an ETA yet as it will likely require a downtime; I will let you know as soon as I have more info

On potential other voiceover options

Unfortunately the JP voiceover for the game is owned by a separate publishing company, so we are unable to bring it over

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