We'll be summarizing all the recent official Lost Ark posts from the forums as we go over all the important details shared by Amazon Games, as well as a few key pieces of information players should have.

First off a few facts that players should know before the launch, including some that will be covered in the official posts below:

  • (Updated): The power pass will be obtainable through in-game means, but not from the shop, as revealed in this clip. Thanks to Alkamez for the heads up!
  • The pre-download is now available.
  • Group matchmaking (both PvE and PvP) and the Auction House are cross-realm and region based, so the choice of server will only affect non-instanced content like World Bosses, Islands, Ocean events and Guild Vs. Guild PvP. There is no cross-region play of any kind.
  • You can purchase a Founder's Pack only until the game's free to play launch of February 11th, 9Am PST/6PM CET.
  • You can purchase 1 of each Founder's Pack and receive the stackable benefits from each, including skins for multiple classes (so if you buy a Gold and Platinum pack, you will get two Northern Lawmaker skins to use on different classes).
  • There will be no server transfer feature on launch and most likely not for a while or possibly ever, so choose your initial servers wisely.

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And now here's the main part of the article, as we dive into relevant community manager posts by Roxx and Shadow_Fox, covering many topics:

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On servers and potential queues:

As much as we’d love to reassure or answer this question either way, as the excitement and anxiety starts to kick up… we have no idea. We will be doing our absolutely best to manage server queues but it’s rare that a large game has a launch without it’s fair share of queues. I think the best that everyone can do is please remain understanding and work together so we can manage the lauch as smoothly as possible.

I don’t have an exact [server] cap to share, but wanted to point to this part of the article –
“Additional worlds may be opened based on population levels.” We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out and have spare servers ready to go in case of any needs.

The game will recommend you a region based on your location/ping automatically (you can select another if you choose, but you should be good).

You can select the server you want to play on, even if it’s not in the region you are currently in.

You will not be able to play with other players cross region.

Right now there is no server transfer feature available in game.

Right now there are no server or region transfers available within the NA+EU version of the game. However, it will likely never be possible at any point for accounts to move between NA+EU to KR, JP, or RU, as all versions of the game are different and published by different companies.

Servers in a region share the same datacenter.

On content:

Just as a heads up, GvG [Guild vs Guild] content won’t be available at launch.

We plan to share a roadmap a bit after the game launches

On DX11:

Today we wanted to share that Lost Ark’s recent upgrade to DirectX 11 will be available in our version of the game at launch! This means that you will see improved framerates and performance, leading to an overall smoother gameplay experience. As always, thank you for your patience as we worked to integrate this upgrade into our version of the game. We’ll see you in Arkesia next week!

On store items/Founder's Packs:

To clarify, it is only one Founder’s Pack of each type per Steam account – you can’t redeem two platinum packs to one account.

Power Pass will not be available for purchase at launch.

We likely won’t share the full shop selection prior to launch; however Royal Crystals do not expire so you will be able to hold onto them for future purchases as well when new items are released.

Crystalline Aura has to be consumed to activate, so you can hold onto it. Alternatively, if you use the Aura while another is active, it will just extend the duration by however many days

The Founder’s Pack Chest will go to your Roster Storage, and when you take it out and open it you will find nested chests inside. These will be the skin-specific chests you will want to open with the character/Class you want to use it on. They will not immediately bind when getting the initial Platinum/Gold/Whatever chest opened up. For the skins, it will be when you open the chest to receive the items (this is how you will receive each individual skin piece, so at that point they will match the class that opened them).

They [Founder's skins] will not be [dyable]; the platinum skins are exclusive colors.

On player names:

Names are in fact tied to the region, not the server.

Names are region-wide because their are several elements of cross-server play available per region. You are able to match and play with characters from other servers in your region in certain circumstances, so two players cannot have the same name.

I would not recommend trying to ‘save’ names. When a character with a name you like is deleted, the name will remain in limbo until it’s released by the team.

This is not the case in this version of the game, and unfortunately as of right now character names can only be re-released after a manual refresh. Because of this, I would not suggest creating a character just to delete it as a way to reserve the name, as it will not work


Dragging this post up to confirm the Berserker rework will be present at launch!

No plans for a separate launcher at this time.

Unfortunately we won’t have a public API at launch, this could be revisited in the future hopefully.

If I missed anything, please do add it in the comments!

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