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Classic Torghast: 0 Score and Getting Stuck With Anima Power

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Did you know you can get 0 score in the tower? Here are some more “just Torghast things”™!

We have two players that had some interesting experiences and decided to share them, starting with itomeshi’s fun fact, as among all the discussion…


Did you know you can get 0 score in the tower? Here are some more "just Torghast things"™!

We have two players that had some interesting experiences and decided to share them, starting with itomeshi's fun fact, as among all the discussions about 4 and 5-starring the layers, they really wanted people to know a 0 score was very much possible, even with a group:

Combination of a Lord of Locks and another elite at the beginning of floor 2 on a Soul Forges 11 - when floor 1 gave us almost nothing in anima powers.

A few notes about the run for those interested:

Comp: Myself as Guardian Druid (ilvl 221), 2 Beast Mastery Hunters (221 and 218), 1 Survival Hunter (211)

Wing: The Soul Forges, Layer 11

(Per Icy-Veins, 237 is recommended for a Layer 11 - so we were definitely below the recommendation. Still, to go from 4*ing (nearly 5*ing) a 10 in the other Torghast this week with the same comp? That's a big gap.)


  • Cursed Souls: Soul Remnant’s Blessing is significantly empowered. However, every blessing received also lowers your stamina by 1%.
  • Rampage: Killing an enemy grants ability cost and cooldown reduction for 20 seconds.


  • Volatile Doom: Enemies have a chance to leave a Doomed Soul Remnant on death. After a brief delay, it explodes, dealing Shadow damage immediately and over 10 seconds to nearby players.
  • Unstable Phantasma: Phantasma will periodically coalesce and attempt to escape with your phantasma.
  • Avenger: Enemies grant nearby allies increased haste on death.

The hell pull:

  • Floor 2 was the 'serpentine room' layout, and the first room had the '2 elites sparring while small mobs watch'
  • Elites were a Mawsworn Crusher and a Lord of Locks
  • First pull was an accidental full-pack pull, but we weren't too worried.
  • Volatile Doom from the small mobs wiped out health quick (was hard to see)
  • Avenger made the elites hit like a truck for a while
  • Cursed Souls meant we just didn't have the HP to soak moderate hits.
  • Being so close to the spawn meant we had to full-wipe.

Other notes:

  • Floor 1 was not particularly hard, though a double elite pull was a bit grindy. We each had 6 anima powers, and none were great.
  • About halfway through Floor 2, we started getting enough anima powers that it was 'reasonable'.
  • Cursed Souls kept fluctuating - it seemed like it was a ranged thing based on how many players were near me.
  • We didn't see the Soul Forges debuff - I can't find any notes on how it may have changed. However, if it was active, that was a problem - and we didn't have the Ravinous Anima Cell fire reduction yet.
  • Boomkin probably would have been better for off healing and letting pets tank. That said, pets were getting trucked. I'm not sure tanks work w/o a healer.
  • The Survival Hunter had a particularly rough time. Without tank-level mitigation, he was getting legitimately one-shot.

And secondly, the more common of the two, N7-Warrior managed to get stuck in the tower, experiencing the true fate of non-Maw Walkers that end up in there, as the Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams and pure vengeance towards a Maw Rat that went behind a closed gate caused them to get pretty stuck:

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If you're looking for ways to NOT be stuck and actually 5-star the tower, you can check this Anima power-resetting tip instead.

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