The desire for Heritage Armor weapons is strong in the WoW community, as Patch 9.2.5 adds a Dark Iron Dwarf weapon arsenal to the game for the first time. Do you think we'll see Heritage Armor weapons in WoW?

Dark Iron Dwarf-themed weapons exist in the game for a long time but were never obtainable for players. However, the first build of Patch 9.2.5 adds an arsenal that teaches you the "Dark Iron Armaments" appearance -- Arsenal: Dark Iron Armaments Arsenal: Dark Iron Armaments, giving us some hope for Heritage Armor weapons in WoW. Currently, Dark Iron Dwarves have 3 themed weapons in the game -- a shield, a One-Hand Axe, and a Staff that perfectly complement their Heritage Armor Set.

did axe.pngdid shield.pngdid 2h staff.png

For the Nightborne, some themed weapons were added to the Legion Timewalking Vendor, but if you remember correctly, Duskwatch Arcblade was removed from the vendor for an unknown reason. Perhaps the plan is to add it as an arsenal later on?

this is.jpg

The Void Elves have 3 themed weapons in the game already. There's an off-hand, shield, and sword.

void elf shield.pngvoid elf offhand.pngvoid elf sword.png

While Heritage Armor Weapons would be a nice addition to the game, some classes are still missing their Heritage Armor Sets.

Blizzard hasn't ruled out the idea of Heritage Armor Weapons, it wasn't their priority back when WoW Chakra interviewed them almost 4 years ago. Video courtesy of LeystTV.

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