If you have multiple alts, you will definitely appreciate a macro that removes all quests from your Quest Log with the single click of a button ahead of the Dragonflight.

Type /m in the chat window, create a new macro and paste the following code in the window.

/run for i=1,C_QuestLog.GetNumQuestLogEntries() do C_QuestLog.SetSelectedQuest(C_QuestLog.GetInfo(i).questID); C_QuestLog.SetAbandonQuest(); C_QuestLog.AbandonQuest() end;

Save the macro, add it to your action bar, press the button, and voila! All quests will magically vanish from the Quest Log.

There's also an addon called Abandon All Quests if you don't want to use any macros!

Source: News Latest Topics https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/69827-abandon-all-quests-macro-for-dragonflight-launch/

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