Here's a valuable tip for all Transmog collectors! Don't forget to change the vendor filter from your class to "All" to see weapons hidden from your character.

By default, the gear vendors filter shows you only gear for your class. However, some weapons remain hidden even when your class can equip them. Therefore, it's important to change the filter options to "All."

One item example is Galerider Shank Galerider Shank dagger from the pre-patch event gear vendors, which is hidden from cloth casters by default because it has Agility. However, cloth casters can equip daggers and thus collect the appearance.

Another example is the Stormbender Saber Stormbender Saber Intellect sword which cannot be seen by Death Knights, Hunters, Rogues, and Warriors, but changing the vendor filter to "All" lets them buy it.

The tip has been brought up by Reddit user acctg.

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